Thug threatened man and cat with fake gun

Wright and two other men produced arsenal of weapons to threaten man at his home in Consett, County Durham

Andrew Wright, from Consett, was jailed for five years for using an imitation gun to cause fear of violence
Andrew Wright, from Consett, was jailed for five years for using an imitation gun to cause fear of violence

A dangerous thug used an imitation revolver to threaten to kill a man who got the better of him in a fight.

Andrew Wright, 21, recruited pals Sam Fitzpatrick and Jason Blackwood, both 23, after a tussle with his victim in Consett on the night of Wednesday, January 22.

Durham Crown Court heard Wright, who had been friends with the man, texted him the following morning to say: “Where are you, you little snake? You are getting it today. Fifteen minutes.”

Minutes later Blackwood, of Daisy Hill, Medomsley, drove his parents’ car to the man’s home, at Dunelm Walk in Consett, and the three men got out.

Wright and Fitzpatrick carried an arsenal of weapons including an extendable baton, a sledgehammer and the imitation gun.

Wright, who was also armed with the deactivated 357 Smith and Wesson Magnum, stood at the fence and began spinning the chamber and making shooting gestures, shouting “I’m going to kill you” and demanding his victim come outside.

The victim, who was so scared he put on a crash helmet and armed himself with a baseball bat, considered about jumping out of the window and running into the street for help but called Wright and asked him to calm down, the court heard.

Instead, the gang rushed to his back door and began pounding on it.

Wright even threatened to use his ‘firearm’ to shoot the victim’s cat and said he would use the sledgehammer to smash the window, the court heard.

The police were then called and the trio fled.

Later, Wright’s home at Templar Mews in Medomsley was searched and officers found the deactivated firearm.

The extendable baton, a baseball bat, a sledgehammer and two samurai swords were also recovered.

The court heard Wright had a history of violent offences, including an affray. He was jailed for five years after admitting using an imitation firearm to cause fear of violence.

Sentencing, Judge Christoper Prince said: “You were waving [the imitation firearm] at him, threatening to shoot him and threatening to shoot his cat and cause him extreme fear.”

Fitzpatrick, of Tyne Avenue, Leadgate, also has previous violent offences, including punching a woman in a nightclub, affray, assault causing actual bodily harm. He was jailed for 20 months for affray.

Blackwood, who is a full time carer for his mum, is not said to have been carrying a weapon but assisted the gang, was sentenced to 16 months after admitting affray.

Judge Prince added: “You had a complete disregard for the sensibilities of the public and the fear they may have suffered.”


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