There’s no quick fix if you want to feel well

As much as you want to feel and look great, there is no magic pill.

As much as you want to feel and look great, there is no magic pill. As much as you want someone or something else to take responsibility for making you feel better, you have to do it yourself.

Blaming other things or other people does not get you where you want to be or to make you feel better.

You have to do tangible things. You have to get up and work at it. No ifs or buts. You have to stop making every excuse not to exercise or make good food, you have to take care of yourself.

You have got to stop trying to find the easy route, there isn’t one.

You choose the body you wear:

The best thing for your skin is what you put in your mouth. If you are healthy on the inside, you are healthy on the outside.

Your skin is the first indicator that what you may be eating isn’t for you.

You can buy all the supplements in the world, but they only supplement an already healthy diet to leverage all the goodness and make up for any shortfall you may have with what you eat. They cannot make a bad diet good, no matter what you think.

A lot of beauty products are cleverly marketed but have ingredients that are not what you want or need.

People look for the quick fix, spend hundreds of pounds on expensive creams or “weight loss” products, but completely ignore what they are ingesting on a daily basis, and won’t spend any money on good food or exercise.

There are no quick fixes:

Only hard work, persistence and perseverance and dogged determination will get you what you want.

There are no limits other than those you put on yourself. There are no excuses worthy of robbing you of your health and fitness.

If you want something, if you want to look and feel great then go and do something about it because it sure as hell won’t come looking for you!

You are better than that, you deserve better than that. You have the choice to make yourself feel better or worse.

Choose better, become better informed, learn more, educate yourself. Do not take anything for granted.

Health is simple. Health has to be number one above all else. You are that important!

Dean Coulson is a health coach at


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