Teacher involved in £30,000 drug deal

A teacher has completed a dramatic “fall from grace” as he starts a three-year prison sentence for his part in a cocaine deal worth £30,000

Michael Younghusband
Michael Younghusband

Michael Younghusband taught geography and maths at Dene Community School, in Peterlee, County Durham, but Durham Crown Court heard he led a double life.

The 30-year-old was addicted to cocaine and spiralling debts had seen him declared bankrupt just weeks before he was arrested with a huge amount of the class A drug in his car.

John Gillette, prosecuting, said on August 21 police watched Younghusband drive a black BMW into the car park at Penshaw Monument in County Durham and up to a Land Rover Discovery which was in the shadow of the historic building.

Inside the Discovery was Younghusband’s accomplice and fellow cocaine addict Keith Brumwell, 28. He got out of the Discovery and gave Younghusband a package wrapped in duct tape.

When police later pulled over his vehicle, Younghusband immediately admitted the package in the passenger seat footwell was “a kilo of cocaine”.

The court heard, it was, in fact, around 770 grams of the drug, which would have a street value of around £30,000.

Police pulled over the Discovery and at Brumwell’s home discovered another 40 grams of the drug - worth around £2,000 - as well as a hydraulic press and duct tape.

At Younghusband’s home they found more than £5,000 in separate bundles which he claimed was to help him “start a new life”.

Younghusband, of Kingswood, Penshaw, and Brumwell, of Basingstoke Road, Peterlee, County Durham, admitted possession with intent to supply.

Brumwell pleaded guilty to a second count of the same charge relating to the drugs found at his home. Jane Foley, for Younghusband, said the teacher’s life had gone off the tracks after his girlfriend ran up a lot of debt.

She said he then began working in a gym and as a doorman to earn extra money and then became addicted to cocaine.

Ms Foley said he was then offered the opportunity to work as a courier and pride and shame had stopped him going to family for help.

She said he had lost his job, his liberty and the respect of people in the community and added: “If ever there was a fall from grace, this is an example of it.”

Martin Scarborough, for Brumwell, said the 28-year-old had a strong addiction to cocaine and had also run up debts which led him to take part in the deal.

Younghusband was sentenced to three years and four months; Brumwell to four years and four months. Caroline O’Neill, head of education at Durham County Council, said: “The school governors will go through the appropriate processes and take the relevant action.”


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