Tanfield villagers fear lives will be lost on danger road

People living in Tanfield, near Stanley, County Durham fear lives will be lost unless something is done to improve safety on the road through the village

The scene of the crash at Tanfield
The scene of the crash at Tanfield

Villagers fear lives will be lost if safety on the road that runs through their community is not improved.

People living in Tanfield, near Stanley, County Durham, have been campaigning for several years for measures to slow the speed of cars in their village.

And after yet another collision yesterday they are renewing their plea for action.

No-one was hurt when two cars spun off the road and a motorcyclist came off his bike, due to an oil spill just outside the village, at around 10.30am.

However, the road was closed for more than an hour.

And safety campaigners say this could be the first of a winter of accidents in the village.

Resident Cliff Goodwin, 62, said: “We are concerned that this could be the first of many this winter.

“We have always had a problem with speeding through the village. Towards Stanley there are some nasty bends and we tend to get at least 10 crashes there every winter.

“Police speed and vehicle checks were recently stepped up and local councillors are pressuring the county council to take action.”

The cars involved in yesterday’s collision both had families inside.

Since campaigns for anti-speeding measures in Tanfield started, Durham County Council has carried out an exercise to measure how fast cars are travelling through the village.

But Mr Goodwin, a freelance writer, was sceptical about their accuracy when he was told that the average speed was just 32mph.

“They came back last week with 32mph and they said they wouldn’t do anything because that’s too low,” he said.

“But you just have to stand in the village to see they are going much faster than that.”

Police have been carrying out regular static patrols with a speed gun.

And Mr Goodwin believes a number of tickets have been issued.

However, parish councillor Colin Thompson said more needs to be done to raise awareness of speeding among motorists that travel through the village.

“Tanfield is only a small village and at the far end there are a series of bends and it’s very dangerous, especially in winter time,” he said.

“We just need more awareness of speed. People just seem to be in too much of a hurry.

“It’s not local residents, it’s people using the village as a short cut to go to Stanley or Gateshead.”


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