Shane gets a trip to outer space

A boy who wanted to see the stars had his dream turned into a reality by iconic TV show Jim'll Fix It.

A boy who wanted to see the stars had his dream turned into a reality by iconic TV show Jim'll Fix It.

Six-year-old Shane Hirst, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, wrote to Sir Jimmy Savile asking to be an astronaut for the day after his show returned to screens last week for a new six-part series.

The schoolboy will now feature in next Thursday's show where he and his family will be seen travelling to Leicester's Space Centre.

Once there Shane was given a spacesuit and got the chance to fly to one of Jupiter's moons in a simulator, use a jet pack, move moon rocks and help out on a space station.

The biggest surprise came at the end of the day when he was presented with a "trainee astronaut" certificate by four real astronauts, the crew of Space Shuttle Discovery, who were training in the UK at the time of filming.

The youngster's dad John, 39, who is a policeman, said: "Shane is absolutely space mad and wants to be an astronaut like Buzz Aldrin.

"He was fascinated by the whole thing and it was the experience of a lifetime."

Shane said: "It was really good. I liked looking down on the Earth from space. I liked floating around too. I could do a back flip and when I sneezed I flew backwards. I want to be an astronaut when I grow up."

His mum Karen, 37, a nurse, wrote off to Jim'll Fix It on her son's behalf after reading about it on the internet and received a phone call from the television company a few weeks later to tell her Shane's wish was to come true.

A North One Television spokeswoman said: "We had thousands of letters from people but Shane's really stood out. The fact that the astronauts were in the country on that date too made it even better.

"He is a lovely boy and it was a pleasure to fix his dream for him."

The show will be broadcast on UKTV Gold on Thursday April 12 at 9pm.


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