Recycling facilities moved after noise complaints from Ponteland residents

Recycling facilities at Ponteland have been moved after residents complained about noise from people using a bottle bank

Ponteland North Councillor Richard Dodd at the new site for Pontelands Recycling Bins within Ponteland Industrial Park
Ponteland North Councillor Richard Dodd at the new site for Pontelands Recycling Bins within Ponteland Industrial Park

Residents at a plush Northumberland community fed-up with noise from a bottle bank have succeeded in a fight to have the recyling facilities moved.

People in Ponteland grew tired of being woken at 6am or midnight by the noise of glass bottle being thrown into the bank.

A petition was set up calling for the recycling facilities to be moved, which 77 people signed and Ponteland Town Council backed.

Northumberland County Council has now granted their wishes in moving the facilities, a move applauded last night by the petition’s co-creator.

It was set up by David Greenwell and his wife Christine, a town councillor, of Station Cottages.

He explained how residents had once been able to place glass items in their own recycling bins, but that this is no longer allowed.

As a result, residents are encouraged to use bottle banks, including that at a ‘bring’ recycling site at a county council car park beside Merton Village Hall.

Mr Greenwell said: “It is 25m from my house. During the day, you do not mind but when there are people coming at 6am and 12 at night, it gets on your nerves.

“They should be at least 100m from any residential property.”

He and his wife set up the petition calling for the facilities to be moved, collecting 77 signatures. They contacted the town council, which agreed to give its support.

Accordingly, the county council agreed to move the facilities to Merton Way, further from residential properties.

A report to a meeting of the authority’s West area committee, which takes place in the village hall on Tuesday night, tells how recycling levels dipped shortly after the move.

However, once residents became aware of the new location, levels picked up again.

The report states: “It is therefore considered that the prompt action to address the noise complaints by relocating the bring site to an alternative location nearby has been successful.”

County and town councillor for Ponteland, Richard Dodd, said: “Everybody wants the recycling stuff but they do not want it next to them.

“It (the county council) has moved them away from the more residential part. This is a temporary permanent solution.”

Mr Greenwell said: “I am quite happy they have got it sorted with the complaint. I am quite pleased with the outcome.”


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