Paperboy’s reward offer for stolen bike

PAPERBOY Matthew Reid worked for three years to raise enough money to build his dream bike.

Matthew Reid

PAPERBOY Matthew Reid worked for three years to raise enough money to build his dream bike.

But it took just seconds for him to lose the £3,000 machine.

For a sneak thief stole the custom-built Giant Glory after he left it at the end of a driveway while he delivered newspapers.

The 16-year-old, from Holywell, Northumberland, is now offering a reward in the hope of finding his bike, which is specially-designed to do jumps and other stunts.

Matthew takes around 30 minutes to do his Monday to Saturday morning paper-round. He gets paid around £12 a week. The theft happened around 8am on a Saturday two weeks ago. He now relies on an old bike that has been lent to him by the newsagent.

“I feel really lost without my bike,” said Matthew. “My whole social life revolves around going out on my bike with my mates and having a good time riding and building tracks.

“It had taken a very long time to save up and get the bike perfect for me. Any money I had was put towards it.

“For me, to get my bike back or to get another one would mean a great deal as it would give me my social life and my sport back.

“Obviously I can’t do any downhill cycling on this bike as I would not want to damage it because it’s not mine.

“But I am very grateful to him for allowing me to use it as now I can still continue my paper round to raise much-needed cash.”

Matthew, a student at Astley High School, lives with his dad Paul, 44, an engineer and his mum Aileen, 40.

Aileen said: “Matthew worked very hard to raise the money for this bike. It was his pride and joy.

“He’s had a paper round for three years and virtually every penny he made went towards that bike, which he has built up bit by bit over the years.

“He’s obsessed with bikes. He’s always building them. The garage is like a bike shop and his friends come round to have their bikes repaired. They’ve even built their own jumps in the woods.”

Matthew is hoping the thief may have tried to sell the bronze-coloured bike, which is engraved with his name. He said: “I’m offering a good reward, although I don’t want to say exactly how much.”

Anyone with information about the theft should contact Northumbria Police on 0345 604-3043.

I feel really lost without my bike. My whole social life revolves around going out on it


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