Nile Ranger trial: Claim he got woman 'completely stupified to get his way'

Footballer Nile Ranger knew the woman would not consent when sober and so made sure she was drunk, a prosecutor told jurors

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire Swindon Town FC player Nile Ranger arrives at Newcastle Crown court
Swindon Town FC player Nile Ranger arrives at Newcastle Crown court

Footballer Nile Ranger had to get his alleged rape victim “complelely stupefied before he could get his way”, a prosecutor told jurors.

The former United striker says he slept with the woman consensually and denies prosecution claims she was too drunk to consent.

But in her closing speech to jurors at Newcastle Crown Court, prosecutor Christine Egerton said Ranger knew the woman would not sleep with him when sober and so made sure she was drunk.

The barrister said Ranger’s occupation is not relevant to the allegation and told the jury they should convict him of rape.

Ms Egerton told jurors: “Whether he is a footballer or a fireman, a factory worker or a farmer, makes no difference at all. The right verdict in this case is one of guilty.”

Ms Egerton said the alleged victim was too drunk to consent when she went to a hotel with Ranger after a night out last January.

The barrister said: “She was in no fit state to give consent and he knew full well how she felt about matters and he deliberately took her alone to that hotel knowing she was incapable.

“He deliberately took advantage of her when she was in that state. He knew fine well she did not want to be alone with him.

“He knew she would never have consented had she been sober. He deliberately ensured she was drunk or incapable in order to go further with her.

“He had to get her completely stupefied before he could get his way and he knew exactly what he was doing.”

Ms Egerton highlighted the fact messages exchanged between the pair before the alleged rape indicate the woman was only interested in being friends with Ranger, and no more.

And CCTV was played again of the woman appearing to fall out of taxi outside the Carlton Hotel, in Jesmond, while Ranger runs in to book a room.

Ms Egerton said: “His only motivation was to have sex with her, he didn’t care if she was drunk.

“His mind was on one thing and he made sure he got it.”

The prosecutor claimed Ranger had lied about what happened that night and before the alleged rape.

She said: “The reason he has told you all those lies is the truth is he knews just how bad a state she was in and he knows she would never have consented to sex.”

Ranger, 22, now playing for Swindon Town, claims he had consensual sex with the woman and denies rape.

The trial continues.


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