Nile Ranger trial: Alleged victim had branded him 'sex pest' and 'a predator'

A woman who says she was raped by footballer Nile Ranger had branded him a "sex pest" and a "predator" in the days before the alleged attack

Nile Ranger
Nile Ranger

A woman who says she was raped by footballer Nile Ranger had branded him a “sex pest” and a “predator” in the days before the alleged attack.

A court heard the woman even dubbed the striker “Nile Ripper” after his repeated attempts to get her to “be my girl”.

Messages sent between the pair in the lead up to the alleged rape were read out as the complainant gave evidence on a video link at Ranger’s trial at Newcastle Crown Court.

In one exchange, Ranger complains Newcastle United fans are “******* me off” and he says he can’t meet the woman in public because the team had lost that day.

And the woman also claimed she had been asked to go to a hotel by Andy Carroll and had also been sent messages by fellow former Magpie Titus Bramble.

A few days before the alleged rape, Ranger was trying to persuade the woman to see him.

She replied: “No you are a sex pest, I told you I only want to be mates. You’re like a predator.”

In another of the 1,060 messages they exchanged in five days, she told him he was scaring her and he said she was going on “like I’m Jack the Ripper”.

In a later message the woman calls him “Nile Ripper” as he again tries to persuade her to meet him.

She goes on to text him: “You are like a crazy sex pest animal just let out of its cage while on a monthly cycle.”

Another time the woman says she will be out in Newcastle if Ranger wants to go for a drink but says she won’t go to his flat. He says: “Na told you we lost. Fans are funny.” The woman suggests he wears a wig and glasses to disguise himself in town, but he replies: “Nope. Manager said anyone out, problems. £1,000 fine. Just discreet, me and you.”

When the complainant refuses to visit Ranger, he says: “What do you think I’m going to do, rape you. I will not take you against your will.”

Ranger, 22, denies raping the woman at the Carlton Hotel, in Jesmond, after they had been out drinking together. The trial continues.


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