Newcastle revealed as the most generous city in the UK

Newcastle has been revealed as the most generous city in the UK despite having some of the highest prevalences of poverty in the country

Tiny Lives Fundraiser
Tiny Lives Fundraiser

Newcastle has been revealed as the most generous city in the UK despite having some of the highest prevalences of poverty in the country.

The average online donation to a charity is £46 per person, putting the community at the top of a national poll.

In London the average donation is £44, it is £39 in Edinburgh and this compares to just £28 per person nationally.

The research carried out by Raising IT, a group that monitors donations to more than 100 charities, also found that there has been an 88% increase in donations compared to the same period in 2012.

Keith Nicholson, of North East charity Tiny Lives which supports sick and premature born babies, said: “It’s great to hear that the North East has come out on top of a giving survey as I see the generosity of people giving time and money to charities on a daily basis first hand.

“It’s interesting to see the word ‘online’ in there as I see new and interesting ways of giving which from the point of view of a charity is great because the fees of Just Giving and similar groups are really low.

“I’m sure other areas of the country are generous but I’ve seen a lot of very local fundraising going on which often means that people are directly linked to the cause they’re supporting.

“At Tiny Lives 10 pounds buys a parents pack which includes a memory box, a camera, a journal and a teddy – things which make a huge difference to parents of very vulnerable premature babies.”

A spokeswoman for the Newcastle United Foundation, which promotes learning and healthy lifestyles for young people on Tyneside, said new online donating websites had helped the North East remain as generous as ever.

She said: “I think the fact is that £46 per person is a great figure and people are tending to donate online because it’s such an easier method.

“If you had to write something out or post it I think the figure wouldn’t be as high.

“We use online sponsorship for our events like the St James’ park abseil and zip wire.

“People have been extremely generous, whether that’s £10 per donation or £100.”

The research revealed that online donations have been rising steadily throughout 2013, with the second quarter of the year seeing a 60% rise in online donations compared to the first quarter of 2013.

The most active month for giving in 2013 was August, with the total amount which was donated in that month more than double that of any other month.

Anita Ball, director of fundraising and retail for St Oswald’s Hospice in Newcastle, said the charity raises £6.5m a year to provide care for people in the North East and receive donations through fundraisers and charity shops.

She said: “Even during times of economic uncertainty, supporters continue to see us as ‘one of their own’ – donating their hard earned cash.”

New figures also show that the North East’s wealthy philanthropists have contributed £52.8m to worthy causes in the last 25 years – making the region the most generous part of the country and outstripping giving in the wealthy South East.

The money, which is received every year by the Tyne & Wear and Northumberland Foundation from well off residents is the largest pot of cash of its type in the UK.

More than £2.1m worth of new donations was given in 2013 alone with a further £3.1m provided from people who provide annual gifts.


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