New Great North Run iPhone application revealed

BUDDING athletes will be able to train for next year’s Great North Run via a virtual route on their iPhone.

great north run, Stu Harris, Brett Galbraith

BUDDING athletes will be able to train for next year’s Great North Run via a virtual route on their iPhone.

The latest technology is expected to be a huge hit with runners who prepare for one of the most famous half marathons across the globe.

Creators Stu Harris and Brett Galbraith have included some of the most notable streets in the world with more than 200 running events and will include the Great North Run route within the next few months.

The Fun Run Trainer is a unique iPhone application that allows the user to run, jog or walk, anywhere in the world on any treadmill as if they were there, with a real time video map and precise inclination settings.

Stu, 38, whose grandparents lived in Alnmouth, Northumberland, said: “This is amazing. People will be able to train for next year’s Great North Run and complete the actual route from a treadmill. The App tells you the inclines so you can adjust the treadmill accordingly. It means you watch the route and actually run the race from your home or gym in any weather conditions.

“The App went on sale on Wednesday and we will regularly update it.

“Within the next few months we will be adding the Great North Run so people can go to the gym, get on the treadmill and actually train by running the route via the App.” Brett and Stu, who run iFit technologies and are based in Australia, have taken just over a year to create their brainchild. Brent said: “Treadmills are by far the most popular piece of exercising equipment anywhere in the world yet there has been no easy way to create your own routes or to practice for popular events on all treadmills, until now.”

Jo Andrews, 23, of Gateshead, who ran the 30th Great North Run last Sunday, said: “This will be brilliant for next year. It was the first time I have taken part and spent month after month training in all weather conditions. However, this new invention would have been really helpful.

“For next year it means participants can run the actual route from a treadmill in the gym or home. It was a really tough run and this will help so many people properly prepare.” For a one-off cost of £2.99, Fun Run Trainer can be used on any treadmill and is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users on the Apple App Store or through iTunes.

Anyone buying the Fun Run Trainer now and wants to start practising the Great North Run route before it is officially added can do so by creating their own route by going to link


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