MP expenses: See how much North MPs claimed in 2012/13

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The House of Commons in London
The House of Commons in London

MPs claimed more than £23 million in personal expenses last year, according to the latest figures released by their parliamentary watchdog.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) said our Commons representatives claimed £23.8 million in non-payroll expenses in 2012/2013, down from £34.7 million before politicians' dubious claiming practices were exposed in the 2009 expenses scandal.

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IPSA, which was set up in response to the scandal, unveiled full details of every expenses claim MPs have made in the last 12 months, as well as how much they paid their staff and the amount of cash they claimed for running their constituency offices.

There were no repeats of four years ago, when MPs were found to be "flipping" their second homes, claiming accommodation costs when they lived in grace and favour houses, and asking to be reimbursed for mortgages that had long since been paid off.

MPs are still claiming thousands of pounds in tax-payers' money, but IPSA says that by publishing the data annually this process is now transparent and accountable.

Nearly half of all train fares claimed by MPs for their own travel is first class, with Tynemouth's Alan Campbell spending more than £4,000 on train fares, all first class.

The leaders of the three main parties managed to stay out of trouble this time round, claiming relatively small amounts of personal expenses, which are made up of accommodation, travel and subsistence costs.

David Cameron claimed a very modest £282.55 last year, all of which went on train, car or taxi travel.

Labour leader Ed Milliband claimed £10,508.88 for expenses including rent, council tax, utility bills and travel, while Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg claimed £9,767.41 from the public purse for his expenses.

However, all three drew heavily on public funds to pay to their staff and run their constituency offices.


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