Northumberland driver's journey cut short by shortcut

A motorist in Northumberland has been left red faced after

A man tries to speak to the woman in the car that had been driven into Greenwell Lane
A man tries to speak to the woman in the car that had been driven into Greenwell Lane

A motorist was left red faced after trying to take a shortcut up a narrow dead end lane meant only for pedestrians.

The woman tried to drive her black car up Greenwell Lane in Alnwick town centre, beside its Iceland store, at around 3.30pm on Tuesday.

The lane is a pedestrian-only route which at its far end doubles back on itself to form a ramp for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

It is barely wide enough for a car to pass through.

The woman managed to drive across the busy pavement linking the lane to the road she had been travelling on.

She got around a dozen metres down the alleyway before her car hit a lamppost at one side.

The noise alerted Rachel Slater, who works in Northumberland County Council’s office.

Rachel was upstairs when she heard the bang and opened a window to see what was going on.

She took a photograph as the woman slowly reversed her car back out of the lane.

Rachel posted her photo on social networking site Facebook, where it was shared by a number of users.

Greenwell Lane in Alnwick
Greenwell Lane in Alnwick

She said the driver had been “very red faced”, adding: “I had quite a few people laughing and commenting.”

Gordon Castle, county and town councillor for Alnwick, said: “It beggars belief. If there hadn’t been a post at the end I wonder if the driver would have tried to negotiate the steep turn at the end. I sometimes see cars trying to turn left into the tower from Hotspur Street [a junction where left turns are forbidden], but this is in a class above that.”

A man squeezed between the car and the wall to speak to the driver before a woman joined her in the vehicle.

An officer from Northumbria Police attended and the driver was heard by Rachel explaining that she had been coming along Bondgate Within, from the Alnwick castle end of town.

She had been heading for Greenwell Road, following directions given by her Sat Nav, which were correctly telling her to go straight on.

But the woman noticed on her sat nav that Greenwell Road is behind the Iceland store.

And when she saw the narrow alley, which leads from Bondgate Within to Greenwell Road, she decided to take a short cut.

The officer stopped traffic to allow the woman to reverse onto the road she had come from. Her car suffered minor damage to its bumper from hitting the lamppost, which also suffered minor scrapes.

A police spokeswoman said: “We got a call at 3.38pm yesterday. It was a report of a minor collision. A car had hit a lamppost at Greenwell Lane.

“No one was injured, there was minor damage to the vehicle and there was no further police action required.”

A council spokeswoman said there had been no structural damage to any building.



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