Marvel comic book features Cheviot Hills and Gordon Brown!

THEY may be used to fighting off wind turbine applications. But now it seems Northumberland campaigners are facing a new foe.

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THEY may be used to fighting off wind turbine applications. But now it seems Northumberland campaigners are facing a new foe.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has ordered super hero Captain Britain to defend the Cheviot Hills at all costs against hordes of shape-shifting aliens.

The intergalactic invaders are intent on opening up a portal to another dimension located on the Northumberland hills which would gift them magical powers.

Or at least, all this is happening in a US comic book which sees Northumberland – and the PM – take centre stage in a battle for the world.

The storyline features in the new Captain Britain comic which has caught the attention of the country’s political leaders after an unexpected appearance by the PM.

In the Marvel comic book, Mr Brown takes charge of a group of superheroes as the world struggles to come to terms with an invasion by the Skrull – aliens with the ability to look like anyone they choose.

And after trashing London, the aliens are shown heading north to the Cheviot Hills.

In the comic the Mr Brown tells his heroes it is an “odd choice” as there is “nothing of strategic value nearby”.

However, he is told the hills actually contain a portal to another dimension which if breached will grant the Skrulls supernatural powers.

The hidden portal came as news to Northumberland residents last night, who have though welcomed the “fact” that Gordon Brown is at last concentrating on the rural county.

Independent Berwick councillor Geoff O’Connell said: “Gordon Brown should not fear, the Cheviotdale is safe in our hands.

“If these aliens did land here they wouldn’t get very far with the A1 in the state it is.

“Rest assured Captain, the A1 is no means of escape for any intruder towards the capital or, indeed, anywhere else in North Northumberland until it’s dualled – so you’re safe for the foreseeable future.

“But I guess it would take a comic book for us to see Gordon Brown do some good for Northumberland.”

Paul Cornell, the author telling the story of Captain Britain and the Northumberland battle against invasion, said he hoped the guest appearance helped the PM’s image.

“I’m quite a fan of Gordon Brown. I’m pleased we’ve given him a PR boost on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world.

“I feel quite sorry for him, so I’m glad I’ve contributed a bit. I specified the character had to look like him and our artist Leonard Kirk, who is based in Canada, did a brilliant job.”

The comic book has already had a big impact in the North East, with two Newcastle comic book shops selling out fast.

Forbidden Planet said they sold 80 copies in two days, with more copies expected this week.


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