London PR guru heads to Northumberland for relaxing new business venture

A London businesswoman has packed her bags and headed North after falling in love with Northumberland

Businesswoman Bianca Brigitte Bonomi, who has started Northumbria Retreats
Businesswoman Bianca Brigitte Bonomi, who has started Northumbria Retreats

Businesswoman Bianca Brigitte Bonomi fell in love with Northumberland on a trip from London to see her fiancee.

Now the public relations boss has packed her bags and moved North.

She has left the day-to-day running of her company Bed PR in the hands of staff and has set up a new business mixing yoga and country retreats.

She already has a celebrity client in the shape of comedian and writer Helen Lederer and is hoping the venture, called Northumbria Retreats, will take off.

“My fiancee Callum accepted a job in the North East and was commuting back to London at weekends,” she said.

“I thought this was silly and, as I was blown away by the landscape of Northumberland, decided to come up North to be with him.

“There’s a freshness and a bit of a buzz about Northumberland at the moment thanks to things like Robson Green’s documentaries Tales from Northumbria.

“I know it sounds like a cliche but there is a warmth about the county that I fell in love with.

“I am still running my PR company from a distance but I travel to London occasionally for the big meetings.

“There’s a big face to face element in public relations but I am looking and feeling a lot heathier since I came to Northumberland so it’s worth it.”

Northumbria Retreats is based at Melkridge between Haltwhistle and Bardon Mill.

Bianca said she wanted a better work-life balance after years devoting herself to work.

She has always been interested in keeping fit, she said, and decided to combine her move to the North with her new business idea.

She said: “I have been a serial dieter in the past but never found anything that has worked more than a week.

“Our daily programme includes brisk walks in and around Northumberland’s National Park, fitness classes incorporating cardiovascular exercises, weights and interval training and, uniquely, yoga at the foot of Hadrian’s Wall.

“ Our sessions are tough but are designed for individuals at all levels.

“The ethos is to allow ourselves time to relax and renew in magnificent natural surroundings so that when we return to everyday life we are better

equipped to handle life’s challenges.

“Helen Lederer us coming to try us out and so far the response has ween good.

“So far there’s only women who have expressed an interest but it’s for men too and I hope more will join us.”

More details about Northumbria Retreats can be obtained from their website


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