Justice for Families MP takes up Fran's fight

A MEMBER of Parliament has given his support to a woman who is trying to stop social services taking her child from her at birth.

A MEMBER of Parliament has given his support to a woman who is trying to stop social services taking her child from her at birth.

Fran Lyon has been told her child, due in January, will be taken from her because she is likely to suffer from a condition that causes mothers to harm their children to get attention.

Fran, 22, of St Hilda’s Road, Hexham, is battling to get that decision overturned and now her case has been taken up by Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming.

Mr Hemming, who represents a seat in Birmingham, said: “I chair an organisation called Justice for Families and we are particularly concerned that the system as it stands is not working.

“It is removing children inappropriately from families and also failing to remove children who should be removed.

“Fran is lucky not to be trapped by the secrecy of the family court. Hers is a case where the system does not have any evidence to justify any action at all.”

Mr Hemming has had several conversations with Fran to discuss the best course of action.

He added: “I am offering her advice and possible courses of action, as well as putting her in touch with other people who are in a similar situation.”

Fran, who two weeks ago had an appeal into the decision turned down, said she was pleased to have the MP’s support.

She said: “I am not sure exactly what he can do, but all the support I can get is helpful and it is nice to know that I am not the only one fighting this. I am at the point where I am quite desperate for something to happen.

“It is not going to be long before I could potentially be going into labour and at the moment it that would be pretty dire.

“He is really supportive and helpful. Even though there’s not always much that can be done it is just having somebody who understands the system.”

Fran, who is considering launching a judicial review in her fight to keep her child, who she has named Molly, has also offered to go into a mother and baby unit immediately after the birth.

She said: “I am happy to be supervised in a mother and baby unit for as long as it takes to show that I am not a danger to her. All I want is to have a chance to be Molly’s mum.”

A Northumberland County Council spokesman said: “Legally we are unable to comment on the detail of individual cases. But we can say that such cases can be very complex and involve a lot of information and various concerns relating to the safety of a child.”


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