The Journal quiz of the year

1. What is unique in the North-East about The Round, the new theatre which opened in 2007 in Newcastle’s Ouseburn (the answer is hinted at in the name)?

Test your knowledge on the news, sport, politics, arts and business events of a hectic year in our region - click to the next page below for answers.


1. What does the Byker Wall now have in common with Durham Cathedral?

2. What is the name of the pendant created in memory of Josie Grove?

3. How did 80 stranded Sunderland fans get back to the North from Bristol in April?

4. Which building in Gateshead hit the headlines when its demolition was announced in June?

5. Who is Northern Rock’s new chairman?

6. Which major chain is building Alnwick’s second supermarket?

7. Work owned by which pop star was taken off display at the Baltic in September?

8. In October, which singer landed the Carling Academy in trouble for smoking on stage?

9. Which birds in the Derwent Valley have had a bus and a beer named after them?

10. Which former England manager started the Great North Run?


1. Which two companies were considering buying Newcastle United this year before any fans had even heard of Mike Ashley?

2. What did Newcastle housebuilder Barratt do to briefly become the biggest of its kind?

3. Which well loved North-East pickle maker was sold off after hitting problems in February?

4. Which company was named North-East Company of the Year by The Journal and Middlesbrough’s Evening Gazette?

5. Who were named “Nice guy” and “Nice gal” at the Alternative Business Awards this year?

6. Which Wearside clothing was named a Superbrand?

7. Which well-known North-East entrepreneur opened his own private jet company and a business to make artificial grass?

8. Which environmentally friendly company floated on the stock market and at more than £500m became one of the region’s biggest?

9. What was the asking price for The Gate leisure complex in Newcastle and how much was it sold for?

10. Which Tyneside food company has hired Phoenix Nights star Paddy McGuinness to advertise its wares?


1. What is unique in the North-East about The Round, the new theatre which opened in 2007 in Newcastle’s Ouseburn (the answer is hinted at in the name)?

2. Which Geordie rock legend had a blue plaque put outside his former home in Heaton, Newcastle, in December?

3. Lee Hall’s new play for Live Theatre is called The Pitmen Painters. Where were the real-life pitmen painters from?

4. Name the Hollywood legend and veteran of more than 300 movies who is spending the festive season in Sunderland.

5. Which North-East football manager has gone on the record expressing an interest in collecting art?

6. Which supergroup, whose original members have an average age of 61, returned after 19 years with a sell-out London gig?

7. The last of the famous Three Tenors to perform in the North-East will do so in February. Who is he?

8. Which eagerly awaited book brought a famous series to a close on July 21?

9. A play which spawned a famous TV drama series was re-staged for the first time in Newcastle in 2007. What was it?

10. Who kicked off his first gig at The Sage Gateshead with the words: “I’m in with the in-crowd?”


1. Name the secretive Newcastle businessman behind more than £600,000 donated to the Labour Party through proxy donors?

2. This year the North-East was appointed its own representative in the Government. Name the regional minister for the North-East.

3. How many people had their data stored on the missing child benefit disks?

4. The region lost out in a bid to host a £1bn energy research project, but which location was selected, Scotland or East Midlands?

5. Tony Blair said goodbye to the North-East when he stepped down in June. Who succeeded him as the new Sedgefield MP?

6. Name the former chief executive of crisis-hit Northern Rock, who stepped down after MPs criticised the risks he took?

7. Newcastle Council leader John Shipley has ruled out city centre congestion charging, but what type of vehicle is he considering hitting with more tax?

8. The Conservatives made who shadow minister for Wearside?

9. How much money does the The Northern Way think the North-East will gain from a North-South high-speed rail link?

10. How many councils are set to be merged when the new unitary authority is formed in Northumberland?


1. Who scored Newcastle United’s first Premier League goal under Sam Allardyce?

2. Which three Newcastle Falcons players represented England in this year’s rugby union World Cup final?

3. Who were the opposition in Gretna’s first ever Scottish Premier League match, in August?

4. What was the margin of victory when Durham won this year’s Friends Provident Trophy for the first time in their history?

5. Who knocked Middlesbrough out of the FA Cup in March?

6. Who this year became the first North-East golfer to qualify for the US PGA Tour?

7. Who became British football’s most expensive goalkeeper when he joined Sunderland in August?

8. Which team knocked the Vipers out of ice hockey’s Elite League Challenge Cup at the semi-final stage?

9. How many League Two games did promotion winners Hartlepool United go unbeaten before losing at Barnet over Easter?

10. Whose number five vest did Newcastle Eagles retire this year after he left to become player-coach of Chester Jets?



1) It was given listed building status in January. 2) Josie’s Dragonfly. 3) Niall Quinn paid for taxis for all of them. 4) ‘Get Carter’ Car Park. 5) Bryan Sanderson. 6) Sainsbury’s. 7) Elton John. 8) Shaun Ryder. 9) Red Kites. 10) Sir Bobby Robson.


1) Charles N’Zogbia. 2) Jonny Wilkinson, Mathew Tait, Toby Flood. 3) Falkirk. 4) They beat Hampshire by 125 runs. 5) Manchester United. 6) Ken Ferrie. 7) Craig Gordon. 8) Nottingham. Panthers. 9) 23. 10) TJ Walker.


1) It is round! 2) Chas Chandler of The Animals. 3) Ashington. 4) Mickey Rooney. 5) Sam Allardyce. 6) Led Zepellin. 7) Jose Carreras. 8) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 9) Our Friends in the North. 10) Bryan Ferry.


1) David Abrahams. 2) Nick Brown. 3) 25 million. 4) East Midlands. 5) Phil Wilson. 6) Adam Applegarth. 7) He’s thinking about forcing owners of gas guzzling 4x4s to pay more to park in the city centre. 8) Mark Hoban. 9) £30bn. 10) Seven.


1) Polygon and Belgravia. 2) It bought builder Wilson Bowden for £2.2bn. 3) Newcastle-based Ross’s Pickles was sold to Yorkshire firm Greencore after going into administration. 4) Newcastle oil and gas pipeline maker Wellstream. 5) Alan Hall, of EEF, and Maggie Pavlou, then of Parkdean. 6) Berghaus. 7) Karl Watkin, who has also run or founded a technology company, a theatre, a skincare company, a Chinese goldmining business, a global venture capital fund and alternative fuel company, among others. 8) Newcastle-based Eaga. 9) It was advertised at £72.5m and sold for an undisclosed sum, rumoured to be around £80m. 10) Greggs.


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Culture Editor
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