Journal poll shows young adults want jobs help

Exclusive poll shows majority of youth blame Government for lack of support

A person walking past a job centre
A person walking past a job centre

An exclusive Journal poll has shown people in the North East want more employment help for young adults.

In a look at how the region’s youth is coping, families across the region and the UK have said job creation must remain a priority.

In a poll by Other Lines of Enquiry North, using their in-house Panelbase service, some 64% of the region said targeting employment would be the best use of Government policy for the young.

Asked if they believed now is “a good time to be young” some 58% of the region said no. Nationally, another 54% said no.

Despite this the latest employment figures suggest the situation is improving, with record falls in unemployment. At last week’s Prime Minister’s questions David Cameron set out the Government’s record, saying: “It is worth pausing for a moment over what these statistics show today.

Iain Buist Jeremy Cripps, Chief Executive of Children North East
Jeremy Cripps, Chief Executive of Children North East

“They show youth unemployment coming down, long-term unemployment coming down, the claimant count coming down, and unemployment overall coming down – but above all, what we see today is the biggest ever quarterly increase in the number of people in work in our country.”

In the North East, when asked if Government austerity policies unfairly impacting on young people, some 48% said yes.

The figure was highest among 14-18 year olds, with 69% blaming the Government for their woes.

That figure drops down through the age groups to just 39% of those aged 65 and over agreeing.

Overall, men were 10% more likely to defend the Government and the impact of its polices.

Last night a children’s charity said it was clear more needed to be done to support young people.

Jeremy Cripps, chief executive of Children North East, said: It should always be good to be young, so it is a terrible indictment of our times that over half of all adults in this poll think this is not a good time to be young. We are not only failing our young citizens but also damaging our own futures. Children North East is very concerned about the rising numbers of young people who feel hopeless and lost, they say they are a ‘lost generation’.

“The majority of people in this poll think that austerity measures fall too heavily on the young and that more should be done to ensure jobs for young people.”


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