'I don't wannabee an ex wannabee'

An aspiring pop star is desperately hoping judges on television reality series X Factor will give her a second chance.

An aspiring pop star is desperately hoping judges on television reality series X Factor will give her a second chance.

Charlotte Condliffe (corr) of Lintzford, near Burnopfield, Gateshead, queued for two hours to wow the judges at Monday's auditions for the popular ITV series at St James's Park.

But the secretary, who works for Robson Brown Advertising in Newcastle, was bitterly disappointed after discovering she wouldn't even get the opportunity to perform.

Contestants needed to apply weeks before the event just to get an audition.

The 19-year-old had been travelling in Romania for three months leading up to the event and had missed her opportunity to register.

She only heard about the open auditions the night before, after going out with a friend who was working at the stadium during the day. The teenager headed down with boyfriend Jonathan Healey, 21, an IT worker, hoping to impress the judges, but was turned away by staff after it was discovered she had not applied in advance.

The budding singer said: "I'd been away travelling and I didn't know I had to apply to get into the audition.

"I just headed down to St James's thinking it was an open audition. I stood there for about two hours waiting for my turn and I was really excited, although a bit nervous.

"Gradually me and my boyfriend noticed everyone else seemed to be holding these forms and when I asked the guy working there he told me you had to apply months ago - so I had to leave.

"I asked him if there was any other way I could try and give it a go and he said that I could go to the open auditions in Manchester, but when I checked on the internet it said all the dates were full already."

Now Ms Condliffe, who had intended to dazzle the judges with her rendition of Leanne Rymes's hit But I Do Love You, is hoping the series bosses will take pity on her and let her try out at the second round of auditions at the football club on July 10.

Ms Condliffe, who used to have singing lessons and has entered competitions in the past, said: "I've always been interested in singing and I always get up at parties when there's a band on and ask if I can sing.

"The X Factor just seemed like the perfect opportunity so it's really disappointing to miss out."

Yesterday an ITV spokeswoman said: "I'm sorry she missed the opportunity to audition in Newcastle, but she is more than welcome to audition at the event in Manchester on June 18."

She added it was an open day and anyone could try out.


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