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You can now subscribe to The Journal Anytime and read the newspaper on your iPhone, iPad, mobile smartphone, laptop or desktop PC.

Journal Anytime
Journal Anytime

You can now subscribe to The Journal Anytime and read the newspaper on your iPhone, iPad, mobile smartphone, laptop or desktop PC.

Our new Anytime service makes The Journal available on a reduced-rate subscription in a format that's accessible for mobile phone and tablet users. It's available as a proper 'app' for Apple devices (iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch), and the website version can also be viewed on Android devices. It will shortly be available on Kindle devices.

If you are already an Anytime subscriber, click here to log in:

The prices to subscribe are as follows:

:: Single issue - £0.69

:: Weekly subscription - £2.49

:: Monthly subscription - £4.99

:: Three-month subscription - £14.99

:: Six-month subscription - £29.99

:: Annual subscription - £49.99

We are also offering a corporate subscription service for business readers. Click here to find out more.

Click here to subscribe or sign in to The Journal Anytime >>

Here are some instructions for accessing the service:

:: Go to the left hand side of the page, where it says: Already A Subscriber?

:: Then enter the following:
:: :: Email address: Enter the email address you signed up with
:: :: Password: Enter the password you chose

This will take you to the online version of the Journal, which can be read via your desktop PC (or laptop) as you would a ‘real’ newspaper and will allow you to turn pages by placing your cursor at the corner of the page and making a page-turning motion.
Alternatively the excellent iPad/iPhone edition can be accessed by downloading the Journal Newcastle app from the iTunes store and then logging in with the exact same credentials as above to download and view the current edition.

If you have any more questions about this service, please email to ask.



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Culture Editor
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Business Editor
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Newcastle United Editor
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Sports Writer