Hong Kong couple travel to Newcastle to where they met

A COUPLE whose love blossomed thousands of miles from home have returned to the North East for a tour of their romantic past.

Elaine Yee-Ling Lau and Bobby Ka-Fung Lo
Elaine Yee-Ling Lau and Bobby Ka-Fung Lo

A COUPLE whose love blossomed thousands of miles from home have returned to the North East for a tour of their romantic past.

Bobby Ka-fung Lo and Elaine Yee-Ling Lau, who are both from Hong Kong, met four years ago when they arrived in Newcastle for a year of studies at Northumbria University.

Now they have come back to Newcastle for their engagement photo- shoot at the places on Tyneside where their relationship bloomed.

From different spots around Northumbria University’s campus to their former halls at Quay Point where Bobby cooked many romantic dinners for the pair, the couple said Newcastle would always hold a special place in their hearts.

Bobby, 26, said: “I really treasure the time here. We really developed the things it takes to be a couple and we realised we really like each other.

Bobby and 25-year-old Elaine met as they waited for the freshers’ coach to take them from Newcastle Airport to their new Northumbria University flats at Quay Point.

“We started talking and talking from then,” said Bobby, who studied communication and PR.

Elaine was studying business and marketing.

“We were friends for a couple of months first and I started cooking for the group of Hong Kong students at Quay Point which included Elaine. I think it was my chef skills she fell for.”

From there the couple were inseparable and enjoyed intimate home-cooked meals together at their flats.

“We were students back then so we did not have much money, the main thing we did was cooking in the halls,” said Bobby.

“She loved St James’ Park and I like football so we went to some matches, we got student tickets.

“It was really exciting. It was good to get to the matches together.” After their year of study at Northumbria University, the couple returned to Hong Kong and Elaine studied for her law degree.

“Newcastle was a magic year,” said Bobby.

“It was fate that we were both in Newcastle at the same time. We really loved the city, we have been to cities across the UK and we just loved it in Newcastle.

“We decided to come back for our wedding pictures. We want pictures to remind us of the place we met.

“We are going back to Quay Point, Northumbria University, the Angel of the North and the Quayside.

“That’s where our happy memories are. Coming back is like coming home,” he said.

The couple are getting married in Hong Kong next March but hinted they may even settle in Newcastle one day because it has had such an impact on their lives.


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