Hexham woman faked father's will after he left everything to his grandchildren

Lisa Scott was furious when dad Ernest Moy left her nothing when he died so she faked his will and set about plundering his estate

Lisa Scott (inset) appeared at Newcastle Crown Court
Lisa Scott (inset) appeared at Newcastle Crown Court

A thieving daughter faked her dead father’s will and plundered thousands from his estate after he left all his money to his grandchildren.

Lisa Scott was furious when she found out her dad, Ernest Moy, had left everything to her teenage children and nothing to her.

Scott, who suffered severe burns as a baby, believed her dad owed her £120,000 compensation she had been awarded for her injuries years ago.

The 33-year-old set about forging the will, plundered cash and kept the proceeds after selling Mr Moy’s car.

Now bipolar Scott, who blew more than £30,000 of the estate during manic spending sprees, has been given a suspended prison sentence after admitting fraud and theft charges.

Recorder Margia Mostafa, at Newcastle Crown Court, told Scott: “I consider this was quite a calculated crime. Your father’s obvious wish was not to give the money to you, whether or not you believed you were entitled to it.

“He wanted to give the money to your children and they will now not receive as much of the money as their grandfather intended them to receive.”

Retired lorry driver Mr Moy, who lived in Hexham, died in 2012.

Police only became aware of the fraud when they stopped Scott’s partner, Graeme Scott, for driving erratically in a Land Rover Freelander. A bill inside the vehicle showed the car had been bought using Mr Moy’s debit card in April last year, seven months after he died.

Christopher Knox, prosecuting, said: “That caused inquiries to be made and those inquiries produced further evidence. That evidence was in fact Lisa Scott had made a false will.

“The fake will clearly did anticipate doing other things with it but in reality, as far as we can tell, nothing further happened with that.”

Although the will, downloaded from the internet, was not very professionally faked, it was believable enough that she had used it to show a car salesman that she was entitled to sell her father’s Subaru car.

Mr Moy had bought the car for £26,000 just a month before he died and Scott sold it for £18,000.

She had also withdrawn £12,000 from her late father’s account using the debit card.

Mr Knox said: “She was in effect plundering the father’s estate from September to April, taking out about £200 at a time.”

Scott also set up an account online with Shop Direct using the card.

The court heard Scott had offered £1,000 to her mother and her ex-husband to witness the forged will but they refused.

Scott, of Nent Grove, Hexham, pleaded guilty to making a false article to be used in fraud, theft of £12,000, two counts of fraud in relation to selling the Subaru and buying the Land Rover and two counts of fraud in relation to the online shopping.

She was given a two-year suspended prison sentence with a three-month curfew and supervision.

Graeme Scott, 32, of the same address, pleaded guilty to fraud regarding the Land Rover and separate charges of theft and handling stolen goods. He got 12 months suspended for two years with supervision.

Peter Schofield, for Lisa Scott, who he said was undergoing tests for leukemia, said: “After receiving injuries when 18 months old she was excluded in the way of those monies, which were dealt with by her father. It was never her thought that she would deprive her children of their inheritance. Her relationship with her children remains solid and she sees them at weekends.

“However serious it is to forge a will, she obtained a document from the internet. It was a pretty naive attempt which would not have gone through the probate system.”

Nick Lane, for Graeme Scott, said: “He has had drug and alcohol problems and has abused heroin for years but has stopped now.”


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