Hebburn writer Jason Cook spills the beans on new series

Hebburn creator Jason Cook has dropped some hints about what to expect in the second series of his hit television comedy show

Jason Cook
Jason Cook

Hebburn creator Jason Cook has dropped some hints about what to expect in the second series of his hit television comedy show.

But the writer, due to appear at the Jesterval Comedy Festival from October 3rd, said television is not his first love.

He said he gets much more freedom on the stage than on television. Jason was finishing off the new series of Hebburn as he was preparing for the comedy show.

The Jesterval runs at Baltic Square, Gateshead, from Thursday to Monday and has attracted top names like Marcus Brigstocke and Ed Byrne.

Jason said: “With stand up, you have a lot more freedom than television.

“I can just go where the momentum takes me. So I’ll be mucking around with the audience, as always.

“I’ve got some new stories to tell, some even longer ones, and some I’ve been trying to perfect for the last four months.

“But I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully we’ll get a good crowd and people will come along and support it.”

Also appearing in the Jesterval are Patrick Monaghan, Phil Nichol, Simon Donald, and others.

Jason said the new series of Hebburn, as well as a Christmas special, were almost finished.

He said: “I can tell you there is a love triangle between some of the characters again. I can’t tell you which ones.

“But it is powerful stuff. Fans of the show might be able to work it out but then again they might not.

“There is a lot of love going on, someone gets a new boyfriend, and there are a lot of guest star cameos.

“Gervaise, the pub singer, is recording an album which is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen or heard.

“We follow that journey along the way and it is phenomenal, amazing.”

Jason refused to be drawn on what the show holds for Joe Pearson, played by Jim Moir, who had a heart attack at the close of the first season of the show.

Melanie Hill has announced she will be appearing, while Terry Joyce, a comedian from Hebburn who appeared in Byker Grove, is also in it.

Jason revealed there will be a number of Geordie stars making guest appearances in the show.

And he admitted the comedy was getting easier to work on.

He said: “This series was easier to write because we know the characters better now and the actors know the characters.

“The stress comes from trying to make it better than the first series.

“We’ve tried to take new storylines and not make them obvious.

“We’ve tried to turn it around or do the opposite of what people might expect and we’ve even changed scripts on the day and everyone has stepped up to it.

“I love the characters and we’re like a big family on set.”


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