Long wait is over as three Kielder osprey chicks hatch

The long wait for Kielder osprey chicks to hatch is finally over after three chicks hatched

Osprey chicks hatch at Kielder
Osprey chicks hatch at Kielder

There was a hat-trick of hatches today for Northumberland’s nesting ospreys.

After a weekend of waiting for the event while more than 250 visitors watched Nest 1 at Kielder through telescopes, volunteers arrived yesterday hopeful of a result.

When the cameras trained on the two Kielder nests were switched on, they showed that there had been two hatchings on Nest 1, where the mother is called Mrs YA. Soon after one chick appeared on Nest 2.

Both nests contain three eggs.

“It’s just like buses and we are over the moon,” said volunteer Joanna Dailey.

But there are concerns that the three chicks had decided to arrive on a very poor day for a break-out.

“The weather is awful - heavy rain and chilly. Mrs YA is hunkered right down over the chicks,” said Joanna.

“The weather is obviously not ideal and it is risky because of the rain. The parents have to keep the chicks dry and warm.”

Chris Collett from the RSPB said: “You can never guarantee that eggs are going to hatch so a trio of osprey chicks in one day is fantastic news.

“Everyone involved in the project is delighted and even the dreary Northumberland rain can’t dampen our spirits. We are now watching the remaining eggs closely and, with a bit of luck, they will also soon hatch.”

Last weekend saw the opening of the Kielder Osprey Watch, with volunteers training four powerful telescopes on Nest 1 for visitors to use.

If all goes well, visitors this weekend may be able to catch a glimpse of the Nest 1 youngsters, especially when they are being fed with fish.

The viewpoint is behind the Boat Inn restaurant at Northumbrian Water’s Leaplish Waterside Park. The Osprey Watch will run every weekend from 11am – 4.30pm until the chicks fledge in August.

This is the sixth consecutive year that ospreys have travelled from West Africa to breed in Northumberland.

Cameras installed in the nests mean visitors can also watch CCTV footage beamed live into Kielder Castle and Leaplish Waterside Park.

The Osprey Watch is organised by Kielder Water & Forest Park Development Trust and Northumberland Wildlife Trust, with support from the RSPB.


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