GPs handle minor ills

Patients trouble their GPs with common ailments that could be dealt with by a pharmacist, according to a survey.

Patients trouble their GPs with common ailments that could be dealt with by a pharmacist, according to a survey.

Some 35% of 200 doctors questioned said at least 30% of their time was spent on problems a pharmacist could address, the Boots survey found.

Law breakers

Four in 10 mobile-phone owners break the law by using their handsets while driving, a Which? survey says.

One third (33%) of the 628 people questioned had illegally made or received a call while driving in the past year.

Eubank protest

Boxer Chris Eubank was arrested yesterday as he protested in Whitehall in his American truck.

The ex-world champion was trying to park next to Downing Street. The truck was emblazoned with a message to Gordon Brown asking him to quit Iraq. A smaller sign read: "This is not a protest."

FoI defended

The Conservatives are ready to block a law exempting MPs from the Freedom of Information Act, leader David Cameron said.

His party would vote in the Lords against the private member's Bill from Tory former chief whip David Maclean, MP for Penrith and the Border.

Nuclear row

A fresh row about nuclear power is expected today when the Government publishes plans for energy supplies.

The Energy White Paper is expected to herald consultation on support for nuclear power and where stations should be.

Tebbit on attack

Tory grandee Lord Tebbit yesterday took a swipe at David Cameron's leadership, accusing him of rebranding the Tories as "the party to implement New Labour policies more effectively".

Margaret Thatcher's party chairman was attacking Labour, which he said had cost freedoms and brought in oppressive state powers over the individual.

Boris anger

Shadow education minister Boris Johnson has angered students by attacking a ban on drink-fuelled initiation ceremonies after an undergraduate's death.

The Athletic Union at Exeter University brought in the ban after Gavin Britton, 18, died after a night's drinking. Mr Johnson said: "I am very much against panic bans as a result of some tragic accident."


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