Gateshead wood carver's work is flying off the shelves

A talented wood carver has seen an increase in sales of his quirky design after a story in The Journal

Drew Henderson of Crawcrook
Drew Henderson of Crawcrook

His wacky woodwork once cluttered up the family home, but now Drew Henderson’s unique carvings are flying off the shelves.

Last month in The Journal we reported how the 68-year-old’s creative hobby was pushing his wife Pam to despair as scores of his creations were piling up around their Gateshead house.

But since the story was published there has been a huge increase in interest in his bespoke work, with orders coming in thick and fast.

While most of Drew’s carvings are still in the house, some of his pieces are currently available in North East Art Collective in Eldon Garden.

Pam, 68, said: “There’s been lots of interest with people going along to the shop and asking about Drew, there’s been absolutely loads. There’s also been lots of people wanting to commission things as well. It just keeps getting better and better.”

The carvings have been shifting so quickly that Pam says that her once swamped dining room is now starting to empty out.

“My grandson come in the other night and he went into the dining room and he said, ‘Grandma, it’s dead tidy in this dining room, isn’t it?’


“There’s so much more room in there now. It’s just getting people to know about Drew and what he does and the story has helped people to know who he is. We’ve done brilliantly.”

Drew’s collection of creations is made up of quirky original designs including rocking horses, wine racks and even carvings of his own hand.

The former joiner’s fondness for wood carving took hold when he retired and he spends most days at his workshop working on his latest designs.

The 68-year-old takes inspiration from anything he comes across in everyday life and he is starting to become known for his unusual but creative pieces.

His latest popular carving is a life-like nose that can be used as a glasses holder.

Pam explained: “He makes this funny little thing that you put your glasses on. It looks like a person’s nose with nostrils and everything. Drew has sold loads of them.

“The girl in the shop keeps saying they need more of them noses. What’s good about the nose is it could be the perfect gift for someone who has everything because it’s unusual and not too expensive.”

She added: “He’s also done a rocking horse-sized zebra that’s hand-painted and to a really high quality. He will only use the best.”

Anyone who is interested in any of Drew’s pieces can visit the gallery in Eldon Gardens.


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