Fistful of films and actors to captivate

THIS week, we have reached the final two in our series Top 10 series – the best films and actors/actresses of all time.

THIS week, we have reached the final two in our series Top 10 series – the best films and actors/actresses of all time.

Picking his favourite films is Emmy-award winning Patrick Collerton.

The filmmaker, born in Jesmond, Newcastle, is better placed than most to make a selection, as the co-director of the annual Northern Lights Film Festival at the Tyneside Cinema.

Also the owner of Yipp Films, he was responsible for The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off, the Emmy-award winning documentary about Jonny Kennedy, of Alnwick, Northumberland, and his brave battle with illness.

Patrick is currently developing projects with Film Four and BBC films.

But what do you think of his top 10?

There’s no place for Lord of the Rings, Superman, Star Wars, 2001: A Space Odyssey or Brief Encounter.

Nor is there a mention for The Sound of Music, Gone With The Wind or the student classic Withnail and I.

Meanwhile, Ed Waugh, the hit comedy playwright, gave us his top 10 actors.

Part of a comedy writing duo with Trevor Wood, he is responsible for hit plays such as Dirty Dusting and Waiting for Gateaux. His plays have smashed box office records and his latest work Maggie’s End is being turned into a film.

Ed lists such stars as Clint Eastwood and Robert De Niro – but look who he didn’t have room for: Sir Laurence Olivier, Dame Judi Dench, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Dame Helen Mirren.

There not even a place for Sir Michael Caine or Irish legends Richard Harris or Peter O’Toole.

What do you think of the lists? Who are your favourite actors/actresses or films? Think you could do better?

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Ed Waugh’s favourite actors

1 Robert De Niro

"A truly great actor and he was in some stunning films. Raging Bull, Taxi Driver and the rest. He just has an amazing presence. When he is on screen he’s the one everyone is looking at. He has been in comedies and thrillers and he plays them all superbly. He can be the most intimidating character I’ve seen and then the next minute a complete change."

2 Ingrid Bergman

"A really, really sexy lady. She was in the best film of all time, Casablanca, of course, and I think any actor would die happy just to have been in that. She was a fabulous actress in a great role. Her other films have been great too, but Casablanca was the highlight."

3 + 4 Harrison Ford, Kelly McGillis

"I’ve nominated these two together purely for the scene in Witness where they sing Wonderful World together. That has to be the sexiest scene in cinema ever. Kelly was incredibly sexy and Harrison Ford is a real man’s man. Kelly didn’t do much else of note, but just for that scene alone she makes it into my top 10. Of course Harrison also played Indiana Jones and many other roles in which he also excelled."

5 Ivana Baquero

"She played Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth. This has to be the best film of 2007 and Ivana was stunning in it. Considering she was only 16 at the time it is a spectacular performance from an actress who has tremendous potential. She has not done much, obviously, but in this film she was absolutely captivating."

6 Timothy Spall

"What can I say about this Midlands boy? Just an incredible, versatile actor. Auf Wiedersehen, Pet is one of the best TV programmes of all time and he did so much besides. He can play pathos better than any other actor – as well as comedy."

7 Richard Gere

"Not all his film choices have been the best, but I think he is a fine actor. He has been in so much, in so many different roles, not all of them great but he does his best with each one. And of course he was brilliant in Pretty Woman, which has to be one of the all time classic films.

8 George Clooney

"It’s the same as with Richard Gere. Even though he has been in some terrible films, I still think when he’s given the right roles he is terrific. He is just such a cool guy and carries that with him to the big screen

9 Clint Eastwood

"What more can said about Clint? He has been acting since the 50s and he is still going strong. His early work was amazing, of course. There were the westerns, A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.

10 Meryl Streep

"If this was a private love letter to Meryl, I would ask her to run away to a desert island with me. Not all her films are top notch, but she stands out usually in those films. Very beautiful and very charismatic."


Patrick Collerton’s favourite films

1 Likely Lads

"It is just such a good representation of a wet weekend in Whitley Bay. It works really well, with a solid background of the lads’ sentimental attachment to old Newcastle, and the realities of high-rise flats and married life as they increasingly look their age."

2.Three Colours White

"The second part of Kieslowski’s excellent Three Colours trilogy, a cutting, black comedy about a hapless hairdresser and the ‘revenge’ he takes on the wife who dumped him. This is a masterpiece of a film."

3.Little Dieter Needs to Fly

"An extraordinary documentary about an extraordinary man, the film details the life of Dieter Dengler, a survivor of both World War Two and Vietnam. It’s incredibly moving all the way through."

4. You, Me and Dupree

"I love this film because Owen Wilson teaches us that the most important thing is to be yourself. The teaming of Wilson and an uptight Matt Dillon keep the laughs coming. It might be a bit mainstream for some, but it has its heart in the right place."

5 Lilya 4 Ever

"This Swedish film really captures the grime existence in Estonia and for that reason I love it. It is an uncompromisingly bleak, devastatingly powerful study of Lilya , a poverty-stricken teenage girl abandoned in a crumbling Russian town when her mother leaves, apparently for the United States."

6 Network

"An Oscar-winning Peter Finch gives the performance of a lifetime in this great satire of TV. Driven mad by corruption, trivia and his network’s obsession with ratings, a veteran anchorman threatens to blow his brains out on air."

7 Dazed and Confused

"Every time I watch this film, it just takes me right back to my teenage years. Until I look in the mirror again, that is. It paints a convincing portrait of suburban teen culture in the mid- 70s."

8 Betty Blue

"This is a classic French movie. Béatrice Dalle’s finest hour, as the obsessive whose sanity comes undone. Stylish, sexy 80s French cinema. The student film of the late 80s, Betty Blue’s portrayal of a young woman’s descent into emotional despair struck a chord with a generation predisposed to self-pity."

9 Mr Smith Goes to Washington

"This film tells the tale of corruption at government level. It is gripping from start to finish and it was even denounced when it first came out. Journalists and politicians alike had a lot of negative things to say about how they were presented, but their reaction only solidified the movie’s stance as one of the most important films ever made."

10 Legally Blonde 2

"I’ve only really put this in because I love Reese Witherspoon, to be honest. She is really beautiful. It might not be the most critically acclaimed film of all time, but that is not always important."


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