The final countdown: TOTP is about to go pop

Top of the Pops is to be axed after 42 years, it was announced yesterday.

Top of the Pops is to be axed after 42 years, it was announced yesterday.

The BBC pulled the plug on the show as ratings tumbled.

A last-ditch relaunch last year with a move from BBC1 to BBC2 was a flop. The final show will go out on July 30.

The BBC blamed competition from 24-hour music channels and the internet.

"The decision to bring the show to an end after 42 years has not been taken lightly and over the past few years every effort has been made to maintain the quality and distinctiveness of the show," a spokesman said.

Noel Edmonds, who hosted the show between 1970 and 1989, said: "I think it's a dangerous thing to throw out one of the most recognised brands in TV today. It's a huge commodity and kids are still listening to music, even if they are downloading it."

Sir Jimmy Savile said: "When Top of the Pops was first broadcast on January 1st, 1964, presented by my good self, I was asked at the time how long I thought it would last.

"I said `as long as people buy records'. People who buy records like to see artists moving, dancing and singing on stage.

"As far as I'm concerned Top of the Pops is still going today with a lot of different titles.

"All these video shows are like Top of the Pops."

He said he was not at all sad or surprised.

Tony Blackburn, presenter from 1967-1984, said: "It's time was up."

In its heyday TOTP pulled in 19 million viewers but ratings have plummeted to around one million since the move to BBC2 last July.


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