Fiancée pays tribute to crash victim ten years on from his death

Alison Fairbairn Brown has paid a moving tribute to her fiancee, ten years after he was killed in a car crash

Gwyn Price who was killed in a Road accident on the Great North Road - Girlfriend Alison, Holly & Grace
Gwyn Price who was killed in a Road accident on the Great North Road - Girlfriend Alison, Holly & Grace

A fiancée has paid a moving tribute to her partner whose legacy has saved countless lives since his death ten years ago.

Taxi driver Gwyn Price, 29, from Stakeford, near Ashington, was killed after being involved in a collision with a vehicle which had been racing another car at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour on Newcastle’s Central Motorway on August 18, 2004.

Mr Price left widow Alison and the couple’s three children, Hollie, Grace and Adam.

Driver Robert Parry, from Newcastle, whose actions also caused the death of Gosforth student Andrew Moore - who was travelling in a third vehicle, was later found guilty of two charges of causing death by dangerous driving and served four years in prison.

After her partner’s death, Alison was a leading figure in campaigning with the Safe Speed for Life partnership, which was credited with saving a number of lives.

“It was the most successful campaign they have ever had. It reduced the number of accidents. It had quite an impact on people.”

Exactly en years on from the accident, Alison has paid tribute to Mr Price.

She said: “2pm 10 years ago today was one of the most life changing moments any person can go through.

“I lost my partner, my best friend, the dad to my most precious children, all because of a reckless driver.

“A man who was so well loved by everyone, gone in the blink of an eye.

“Our future and dreams as a family was obliterated.

“The worst pain of all wasn’t for me, his friends or his family, it was for his 11 month old son and his three year old daughter who would never know their dad.

“In the days to follow as I stood alone with three small children, I made my promise to Gwyn that I would always live for the minute, protect them from any harm, to give his children the best start in life I possibly could and to show them that life is for living and enjoy every possible moment.

“That is what I intend to achieve.

“Gwyn lives on in Grace and Adam and for that, I am safe in the knowledge that I am the luckiest mam alive.”

Alison told how she remembered the day of the accident “vividly.”

“I was at home, we were going to go to Alton Towers. He was driving somebody. He was coming back and we were going away for the weekend.

“It just kind of numbs you really. You can not believe it until you have been through it. It is very surreal.

“It is a difficult stepping stone to get over.”

The children were just eleven months, three and nine at the time.

“The little ones it did not really effect them. For Hollie (the elder child), there was quite an impact on her.”

Jason Fairbairn, Alison Brown Fairbairn, Jessica, Grace, Annabel and Adam
Jason Fairbairn, Alison Brown Fairbairn, Jessica, Grace, Annabel and Adam

Alison married 40-year-old accountant Jason Fairbairn in 2010, becoming Brown Fairbairn, and is now 38 and living at Carlow Drive in West Sleekburn.

She and Jason have had two further children, Jessica, seven and Annabel, four, pupils at Stakeford Primary School. Hollie is now 19 and working for EE mobile phone company on North Tyneside, Grace is 13 and a student at King Edward VI at Morpeth and Adam is 10 and a pupil at Bothal middle.

Alison and Mr Price’s children remember him on his and their birthdays.


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