Family rescued in Sunderland house fire

Three fire crews were called to Milburn Street, Sunderland, just before 2am yesterday after reports of the blaze, thought to have started in the kitchen

The house in Millburn Street in Sunderland
The house in Millburn Street in Sunderland

A mother and her baby were among those trapped in their home in the early hours of the morning after a fire broke out.

Three fire crews were called to Milburn Street, Sunderland, just before 2am yesterday after reports of the blaze, thought to have started in the kitchen.

Trapped in the upstairs of the terraced, dormer cottage the woman, thought to be in her 20s, a baby and child had to rescued by crews from the front bedroom as thick smoke poured into the downstairs of the property.

Crews from Sunderland Central Station and one from Farringdon Community Fire Station arrived at the scene and used breathing apparatus and a ladder to reach the trio.

Having alerted the fire service the woman was given survival tips about how to keep her family safe until the firefighters arrived.

With the ladder up at the window she was able to pass her baby and young child over to fire crews.

Police were called to the scene and say it’s believed the accidental fire was caused by a pan being left on the hob.

A man, who’d been downstairs in the house, had to be rescued by firefighters who broke down the door to gain entry.

A fire service spokesman said: “We used a ladder to reach the first floor bedroom and rescued a female and two children, during this time the caller had received survival guidance.

“The crews also forced entry to the ground floor where another occupant was assisted out of the property.

“The ground floor was 100% damaged by smoke.”

Paramedics were also alerted to the fire with the ambulance service’s Hazardous Area Response Team turning out.

An ambulance service spokesman confirmed: “We got the call at 1.43am and were on the scene at 1.48am. There were four patients, one adult male, one adult female and two children all taken to Sunderland Royal Hospital.”

During the early morning rescue a Jack Russell puppy had to be rescued from the house, where yesterday the smell of smoke lingered in the air.

With the front door boarded up and broken guttering strewn on the ground the residents were trying to take in the damage caused to their belongings.

All of those trapped were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

A police spokesman said: “When we arrived the fire service was already on the scene.

“Those rescued had no injuries but were taken to hospital as a precaution.

“It’s believed this was an accidental fire caused by something left on the hob. There are no suspicious circumstances.”

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “I heard the noise and saw the woman handing over the bairns to firefighters, one of them just a baby. There were three fire engines in the street.

“I’ve seen them since and they all seem OK.”

Another resident of Milburn Street added: “I was watching the snooker which didn’t start until gone midnight.

“It was gone 1.30am when I heard banging and assumed it was some people having a fight.

“Now I know there was a fire.

“The banging must have been the firefighters trying to break the door. I came out onto the street in the morning and saw the door all boarded up.”


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