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Durham University students branded as idiots for port prank - VIDEO

DURHAM University students who filmed themselves pouring whole bottles of port over their heads have been condemned as “idiots”.

A Durham University student pourning Port over himself

DURHAM University students who filmed themselves pouring whole bottles of port over their heads have been condemned as “idiots”.

Last month, undergraduates from Newcastle University made headlines around the world after a video of them “milking” – pouring milk over themselves in public – went viral.

In response, Durham University students upped the ante by pouring port over their heads in various locations, including on the Palace Green in front of Durham Cathedral.

In one shot, a student is shown “porting” while cycling down a road, while another shows a student standing in the middle of a school crossing patrol with queuing traffic.

The prank, which was posted on YouTube by a user with the name “Porting Durham”, has attracted more than 100,000 views.

However, the video hasn’t been welcomed by all with one person calling themselves nomoreheroes93 describing it as the “the definition of crass”.

And SimonSaysFranklin added the students think “they’re better than everyone else”, adding “a lot of us students can’t get a job and struggle to pay the basics of rent, bills and food yet these ***** sponge off mummy and daddy... and can afford to be so wasteful”.

Another poster, Privstuff, commented: “What a bunch of immature prats. Wasting money in times of economic hardship for lots of people. The Govt was right after all in abolishing student grants, as they have plenty to waste.”

And Ghostchanter said it risked giving people who are born and bred in Durham “a bad reputation”.

People have also posted their comments on the Durham student newspaper website, The Tab, with one saying the video showed a complete lack of respect for the region.

They wrote: “Most people in County Durham will be struggling to find the money to buy their Christmas presents this year. Then you have these idiots wasting money in the most blatant sense, ‘to be ironic’.”

The video is introduced with the message: “First students brought you milking. We figure if you’re going to do something you might as well do it properly. Don’t cry over spilt milk Newcastle – do it the Durham way.”

The Tab described the prank as a “cracking effort from Durham’s finest”.

A porting spokesman is then quoted as saying: “It’s all about one-upmanship. We commend Newcastle in their valiant effort – inspiring us to go one further.

“We started out trying to get one better than our student cousins at Newcastle but, due to our lactose intolerance, we were unable to do it with milk.

“We were approached by a high street washing powder brand, and it all fell into place. What better thing to do than pour fortified wine over crisp white shirts?”

The Journal asked Durham University asked if they felt their students’ behaviour was irresponsible or disrespectful, but they refused to comment.

Last month a group of students from St Andrews University were forced to publicly apologise over a video they filmed showing them pouring bottles of Moet & Chandon over their heads.

Called “champagning”, the prank attracted fury from students’ association president Freddie Fforde, who said their actions undermined efforts to attract people from all backgrounds to St Andrews.

Newcastle’s milking video has now attracted around 650,000 views on YouTube.



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