Dear Caroline

YOUR exclusive beauty and grooming tips from Mac Cosmetics’ senior make-up artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

Your exclusive beauty and grooming tips from Mac Cosmetics’ senior make-up artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

I WENT to attend a fab Halloween party on Wednesday. But at the beginning of the week, on Monday, I did a really nice job with Elle magazine and Erin O’Connor. The piece was about her and her love of something which I don’t know if I’m allowed to mention before it comes out.

For the portrait shot, Erin was wearing her own, to die for, Vivienne Westwood ball gown, so we decided to do full on, “let’s go for it” make-up. “Let’s not be polite with the make-up,” she said.

So after applying a perfect base, I got out the MAC Blacktrack Fluid line and drew a great big, thick black line above the top lashes and winged it out quite far. I was thinking the Ronettes meets Amy Winehouse.

I kept the line very neat but made it big and unapologetic. I then applied a delicate amount of a burnished gold to the lid and socketed the eye with MAC eye shadow in Corduroy. To add definition I applied a small thin line of Corduroy just under the eye. My favourite new lashes by MAC are the no 35 lashes. They are slightly odd as they are straighter than normal lashes, but stunning. I thought these were a perfect compliment to the Westwood dress – something a bit different, but in all the right ways!

Erin’s favourite ever lipstick is Lady Danger by MAC and I have to say, it’s one of mine too. It’s a glamorous, loud, “here are my lips type of colour” that has just the right mix of red and orange.

My friend styled her hair in a bit of a loose quiff which had a good mixture of punk, glamour, sexiness, sophistication and rock ’n’ roll to finish the whole thing. As you may be able to pick up, I was rather pleased! And, more importantly so was she, the photographer, and the Elle team.

Q. I’m going to a fancy dress Halloween party this weekend and was wondering if you have any ideas? I have been racking my brains and so far the only thing I have came up with is that I want to look nice and not scary!

A. My idea is based on a doll and so firstly I think it’s important to make the skin look gorgeous, shiny and plastic-y. Take your regular body cream or lotion and mix it with generous amounts of MAC Irridescent Powder in Silver Dusk or MAC Irridescent Powder in Golden Bronze for black skin tones.

One tub of this shimmery powder is all you’ll need as it goes a really long way.

Apply this to all the exposed areas of skin. Then, take MAC Coffee eye pencil or Ebony for black skin and draw in simple joints around the elbows, ankles, knees and a simple straight line around the neck to emulate those seen on a doll. Take a small brush and apply a small amount of eyeshadow on either side of your lines to suggest shadow.

Take the Irridescent Powder and brush it over selected areas of your body using a large powder brush. Areas which look great highlighted are: the collar bone, the top of the shoulders, the length of your leg through the centre and the length of your arms through the front.

On the face, be sure to go for good coverage when applying your foundation if you need it. Remember, dolls don’t have blemishes! They do however sometimes have freckles which may be nice to add using the Coffee pencil.

Once you have your foundation and concealer applied perfectly, you can move onto the fun parts adding the details. Add a little bit of sheen to your eyelids using something like MAC Forgery eye shadow and curl your lashes. I would go for top and bottom fake lashes to get that really round eyed doll look.

For bottom lashes you can simply use top lashes and turn them the wrong way round and apply under the eye. Use the lashes as they come or chop up into segments and apply all the way around the eye to achieve a more sporadic, choppier effect.

A nice pink blush added to the apples of the cheeks will look very cute, and don’t be shy with how much you use – really go for it for your dolly cheeks! For the lips, MAC Pink Nouveau is a great pink for that slightly off, synthetic colour and applying more of this to the centre of the lip will give a great doll shape. Finally, brush a little Irridescent powder on the bridge of the nose, to the cheek bones and the cupids bow and you should look like the prettiest fancy dresser there. Have fun!

If you have any questions for Caroline, email and we will pass them on.


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