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Your exclusive beauty column from Mac Cosmetics’ senior make-up artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

Your exclusive beauty column from Mac Cosmetics’ senior make-up artist, Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

TODAY is World Aids Day. If you read this column with any regularity, you’ll know the MAC Aids Fund is something that I, and thousands of other people feel very strongly about. The MAC Aids Fund is a charity organisation which raises money to help Aids/HIV charities and organisations carry out research and help men, women and children around the globe who are affected on a day to day basis. This includes health care, food, education, housing, medicine, transport, counselling and ways of preventing the disease.

Every penny from the sales of MAC Viva Glam lipsticks and Viva Glam glosses – and over the holiday period, Viva Glam gift sets and Kids Helping Kids greetings cards and wrapping paper – goes to the MAC AIDS fund, with the administrative costs being over written. So today might be a nice day to say thanks to all those who have bought any Viva Glam or Kids Helping Kids items, and an even bigger thanks to those who plan to carry on doing so. To date a whopping $100m has been raised! I find it overwhelming that this amount has been raised by, fundamentally, lipsticks! Well done!

I did Daisy Lowe’s make up for the British Fashion awards this week at her home. She has a really strong sense of style, I guess it’s in her life a lot – rock star parents, mother a fashion designer and she being a model and she knows what she likes, but is also open to suggestions.

She remembered me from Glastonbury as soon as I arrived so that was nice and we had a good laugh about that and me putting make up on her as we were covered in mud!

In Glastonbury I used bright greens around her eyes but this time we decided to do something different – more suiting the Alexander and Mui Mui she was to be wearing. Around the eyes I used Architecture MAC Paint as a base, Blackground Paint Pot close to the lashes top and bottom, Brun and Smut eye shadows, loads of Zoomblack mascara and no 7 lashes to add luxurious drama. On the cheeks I used Medium Dark Mineralize Natural powder to contour and a touch of Pinch O Peach blush. On the lips she likes a bit of red, so I decided to go for a deeper wine red, just like it’s name – Dubonnet. It was beautiful make up and a perfect, sexy vamp look for anyone who is thinking of this sort of look for the up and coming parties!

Q. How can I combat dry patches of skin which show up when I apply my foundation?

A. Firstly I'd say you’re not using the best foundation for your skin type. There are so many foundations available on the market these days, and so many different skin types that getting the right one can sometimes be a shot in the dark.

I’ve heard so many people complain about the amount of money they’ve wasted on a foundation which once they've got it home, looks or feels wrong. The most important piece of advice I can give you, is seek advice from someone who works for the brand whose make up you are considering, and try it on before you buy it.

If you go into a MAC store or visit a MAC counter you will receive advice from make up artists who will give you expert advice on colour, texture, coverage and skin type. The make up artist will investigate what it is you need, in your case, which foundation would suit you best, and the choices you have. While receiving this advice, they can apply the make up for you so that you know you are going to look your best. The artists are aware some people don’t feel comfortable removing their make up or prefer to try it at home, so still have the conversation and ask for a sample.

By the sounds of things, MAC’s Moisture Blend foundation would be a good one to check out for your needs. It glides onto dry skin, and feels cushiony and light whilst wearing it, not tight and uncomfortable.

It may be also worth you looking into your skin care. Are you using a cleanser which is dehydrating your skin, or are you using a moisturiser giving you enough hydration? Try MAC’s Studio Moisture Cream – never heavy, just rich creamy moisture. You should find that given advice, your skin will be looking fab in no time.

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