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BEAUTY and grooming tips from senior Mac makeup artist Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

BEAUTY and grooming tips from senior Mac makeup artist Sunderland-born Caroline Donnelly.

BACK in July I worked with Cyndi Lauper for four days while she was over in London promoting her latest album and forthcoming tour.

As she is a bit of an icon to loads of women my age who remember dancing around to the 80s hit Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, it was a bit of a favourite week. I was so pleased to find out that she is a really nice, funny and interesting woman as I would have been soooo disappointed if she’d been awful!

At the time, it was mentioned to me that she’d be back in the UK (she lives in the States) in October and that they’d like me on board for it, so I was really crossing my fingers and hoping they’d remember. Last week I got the call and I’m working with her again this week.

Q. Should I change to a foundation for winter? I normally wear a tinted moisturiser.

A. That’s a hard question to answer! It really depends on what your skin looks like in the winter. I’m assuming your skin is pretty good as you can get away with wearing a tinted moisturiser during the summer.

A lot of people do like a little more coverage during this time as it does give a more even appearance to the skin which can lose it’s natural glow in the cold, winter months, but this doesn’t have to look heavy. A well applied foundation should look as though you are wearing no make up, so this could be the answer. Choose a good foundation with a light to medium coverage, in a colour which matches your skin perfectly and you will still have that fresh and natural look.

If your skin is dry, try MAC Moistureblend Foundation. Apply with the MAC #190 brush.

If you like a foundation that has a slightly luminous look, try MAC Mineralise Satinfinish SPF15 foundation. This is great for all skin types, especially suitable for normal to dry skins. Apply with either the #187 or #188 brush from MAC.

For all other skin types try MAC’s hugely popular Select SPF15 foundation for a natural matte finish. This non-oily, water-based liquid foundation combines medium coverage with sun protector factor 15 – don’t under estimate how important this is, even in the winter. Again, use with the MAC #187 or #188 brush.

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