Teenager refuses to press charges against Turkish waiter

A teenager from Cramlington who went missing with a Turkish waiter is refusing to press charges against him

Faye Jones leaves a police station in Mugla
Faye Jones leaves a police station in Mugla

A teenager who went missing with a waiter while on holiday in Turkey has refused to press charges against him after being reunited with her relieved mother.

Faye Jones, 16, from Cramlington, Northumberland, ran off with local worker Murat Can Ertani, 22, on the day she and her mother Rhonda, 39, were due to fly home from a two-week break in the seaside resort of Marmaris.

The pair disappeared last Thursday, sparking a four-day police search which ended when they were found by officers on Monday in the town of Mugla, 35 miles from where they were last seen.

Faye, a student at Cramlington High School who recently completed her GCSE exams, was reunited with her tearful mother, who had gone without food or sleep while her daughter was missing. Ertani was detained at a local police station for questioning on a possible offence of abduction, but yesterday it was revealed he had been released without charge.

Despite giving a detailed statement to police, Faye refused to make a complaint against him. She told Turkish officers: “He shouldn’t go to jail. He did nothing wrong. It was my fault for running away.”

A Turkish police source confirmed: “Murat Can Ertani was arrested and questioned in relation to abducting Faye Jones. However, he claimed she went of her own free will and that he didn’t know she was under age.

“Her statement supports his and so we had no alternative than to release him after questioning.”

Ertani was released on Monday and is already back on the streets, free to prey on other unsuspecting English girls.

Rhonda, who works in a fish and chip shop in Cramlington, was disappointed not to see him jailed.

She said: “I’d hoped he would be locked up and no longer a danger to Faye or any other English schoolgirls, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

“At the end of day, I’m just relieved to have Faye home safe and sound.”

Faye first became friendly with Ertani on a holiday to Marnaris with her mum last summer.

They kept in touch via Facebook and Skype over the winter, and met up again when she arrived for the latest break.

Ertani used fake names on Facebook to prey on other British schoolgirls, it has been revealed.

Ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Alanah Longshaw, from Stirling in Scotland, says she caught him messaging other young girls while she was living with him in Turkey.

She said he used the name Yigit Sualp and other pseudonyms to charm unwitting youngsters into joining him in Marmaris, just like he did to her when she was 15.

Alanah spent seven months of hell with Ertani after he persuaded her to quit school and move in with him.

When she had eventually had enough of his aggressive, violent behaviour she returned to Scotland, and later discovered she was five months pregnant with his child.

Alanah gave birth to her son Aydin 18 months ago. Last month she got another Facebook message from Ertani saying he had given up on his son because he had a “slut” mum.

She said: “I worry that there are other young girls out there who have been duped by him because he was Facebooking so many of them.

“I just hope that now Faye is safe and everyone knows he is a monster that he won’t be able to get his claws into any other women.”


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