Christmas continues in Cramlington after blackbird lays eggs in tree

Cramlington Town Council can not take down their Christmas tree because a bird has laid three eggs in it

Adam Harvey and Councillor Ann Mitcheson beside the Christmas tree
Adam Harvey and Councillor Ann Mitcheson beside the Christmas tree

A Northumberland town council has been left stumped after a blackbird took up residence in their Christmas tree.

The 12 days of Christmas may be long gone but the message appears to have missed the squatter in Cramlington which laid its eggs just before the tree was due to be taken down.

The bird and her three eggs have left council officials at a loss after they were discovered just as staff were about the remove the tree from outside Concordia Leisure Centre in the Northumberland town.

After consulting the RSPB, the town council has been forced to tell irritated residents that there is nothing they can do about the tree.

Adam Harvey, administrative assistant at Cramlington Town Council, said: “We went to take it down on Monday and I got a call from the people due to take it down saying there was a bird’s nest with three eggs. They said due to the law they could not do anything about it.”

The town council has been receiving complaints from residents about the tree still being up, but now officials are having to say there is nothing they can do until the birds are hatched and have flown the nest.

“I can’t see them myself but I have been trying,” said Adam. “I called the RSPB and they said unfortunately we could not do anything until they had left the nest and that can take up to three weeks.

“We are not neglecting our duties so it will be a little longer than the festive period that we have our tree,” he said.

However, the new tenant has caused a few jokes among residents now trying to make light of the situation.

“It has caused a few laughs,” said Adam. “It’s just our luck really. Everyone we tell has had a good laugh about it. I just want to clear up issues about the tree still being there. After the birds have left then we can take it down.”

The tree is no longer decorated as the lights were taken down before January 6.

However, the blackbird must have built her nest between then and this week when the discovery was made.

Adam added: “We are trying to avoid any criticism that the tree is still up.”


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