Car seized after parking on new Keep Clear markings in County Durham

Residents in Rushyford, County Durham have complained about cars parking too close to a roundabout

Peter Troy the Publicist Ltd Car being removed from The Cottages in Rushyford after parking on keep clear lines
Car being removed from The Cottages in Rushyford after parking on keep clear lines

Residents on a County Durham cul-de-sac are celebrating after police seized an illegally-parked car.

The car was towed away after cheekily parking up directly on top of freshly-painted Keep Clear road markings at the junction to a busy roundabout.

If follows six months of complaints from people living near the junction, who say nuisance parking in the area has been putting lives at risk.

Peter Troy, who lives at The Cottages, a side road leading to Rushyford roundabout, near Chilton in County Durham,

said the cars make the road dangerous for locals and people accessing the popular Eden Arms Hotel nearby.

He has made a string of calls to police and the council to try to get action taken against the drivers responsible.

“I have made several complaints to the police about all types of vehicles that have been parked very close to the junction of the roundabout all day and night,” Mr Troy said.

“This is very dangerous because many large coaches and delivery wagons have to drive on the wrong side of the road when leaving the hotel via the side road to avoid the parked vehicles, which means that vehicles leaving the roundabout to come to visit the hotel or the cottages cannot safely do so.

“Drivers who are leaving their vehicles for up to 10 hours a day so close to the roundabout on the side road are not only breaking the law, they are also endangering other road users.”

He said cars were often parked with in just a couple of metres of the busy roundabout, which is at the junction of the A689 and A167. The law says drivers should park at least 10m away from roundabout junctions.

Two weeks ago, the council acted by painting two large Keep Clear notices across the road at the end of the cul-de-sac.

But some drivers continued to park in the street, ignoring the warnings, Mr Troy said.

And on Monday, Durham Constabulary reponded by loading one car, which was parked directly on top of the new Keep Clear lines, onto a tow truck and removing it to a car pound.

Mr Troy thanked officers for acting “promptly, properly and decisively and in the interests of road safety”.

Sgt Jon Curtis, from the Cleveland Durham specialist operations unit said: “After complaints were received about vehicles parking in that location our traffic management section raised the matter with Durham County Council, who agreed to put in place the ‘keep clear’ markings.

“Any vehicle parking there is now causing an obstruction and liable to be removed.

“Owners must pay the appropriate fees to the relevant compound to recover their vehicle, along with the fixed penalty fine for the offence itself.”


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