Blyth youngster Cory Davison suffers setback

BRAVE youngster Cory Davison has suffered a setback in his recovery.

Cory Davison

BRAVE youngster Cory Davison has suffered a setback in his recovery. Cory, of Blyth, Northumberland, was diagnosed with a severe malignant tumour the size of a plum around his brainstem in February, leaving his family devastated.

But the seven-year-old battled through months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and consultants felt positive about his road to recovery.

However, a blood test has revealed Cory has an extremely rare gene fault which caused his tumour and would make him more susceptible to similar tumours in the future.

“It is devastating really,” said his dad Steven.

“Everybody is gutted for him, he has worked so hard and we were hoping that would be the end of it but we feel like we have taken 10 steps forward and 11 steps back.

“He has a gene fault which is extremely rare, only a handful of people in the world have got it.

“It makes him more prone to possible future tumours.”

The condition, known as rhabdoid predispositional syndrome, even shocked consultants.

“They could not believe it, his consultant was shocked to find out, they never thought the tumour would be because of a brain fault,” said Steven.

Steven and Cory’s mum Donna will now be tested to see if they have the faulty gene as well.

“It is hereditary but it does not mean we have got it just means we have to be checked for it.

“I kind of hope I do because it means I have got to this age without getting any tumours so it may not be bad for Cory,” said Steven.

“If neither of us have it then they do not know what they are dealing with.”

But the latest development in Cory’s journey is having no effect on his current recovery. “If the tumour came back in the same place it would not be because of the gene but because they had not got rid of it all,” said Steven.

And it means Cory is currently fighting fit ahead of Christmas.

“He is going through physiotherapy at the moment and his walking is getting better,” said his proud dad.

“Cory is still smiling and is coming back into his own.

“He started kicking the ball around with his brothers but his balance is pretty poor.

“But his brothers support him up on either side and help him through.

“His sister Demi is also helping him with his homework.”

And Cory’s sporting heroes are also helping bring the youngster back to his former self.

After being Alan Shearer’s mascot at the Entertainer’s Game last month, Cory has been taken up as the lucky mascot for the Blyth Spartans.

“He is a massive football fan and the Blyth Spartans team have been asking how he is getting on through Facebook, they have been brilliant,” said Steven.

Cory touched the hearts of people across the globe with his story.

And through his Facebook page, We Love Cory Davison, he received get well wishes from Canada to Istanbul.


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