Blyth Valley MP hits out at plans to cut help for low income families

Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell says the Labour Party should not cut help for low income families

Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell
Blyth MP Ronnie Campbell

A Labour MP has hit out at the shadow Treasury team for failing to safeguard the poor and the hardworking in the party’s cuts programme.

Blyth’s Ronnie Campbell has hit out after Chris Leslie, the shadow Treasury chief secretary, warned that Labour would have to make difficult spending choices if it wins in 2015.

In a direct attack on the leadership team behind Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, Mr Campbell said that his “comrade” Mr Leslie “has forgot that the austerity measures he seems to want to continue have fallen on those who can afford them least.”

The outspoken comments made to The Journal come just weeks after Blaydon MP Dave Anderson hit out at the campaigning tactics the Labour party is set to embark on.

Mr Anderson warned that the party’s attempts to attract voters in mostly Southern marginal seats was alienating traditional left-wing voters.

The MP said: “Our political party has gone off on the hunt for middle England; for Mondeo Man, Worcester Woman and Galaxy Man. A manifesto becomes little more than a shopping list without any real understanding of the impact on the daily lives of men and women who are lost in a world that they have had no say in shaping.”

Now Mr Campbell has added to the pressure facing party leader Mr Miliband, saying the party’s spending review appeared to overlook “nurses offered a derisory 1% pay rise” or “Northumberland families unable to pay the hated bedroom tax.”

Mr Campbell added: “I want to bring back fairness to our economic agenda after so many years of misrule by those who suck up to the City and sordid tax-dodgers.

Evening Standard poll: Percentage of people who think our political party leaders should be replaced before the next General Election


Ed Miliband


Nick Clegg


David Cameron


“To my mind, it’s simple. Labour will have to rebuild public services, notably the NHS. Of course, that will cost a lot of money.

“However, the answer is not to put more burdens on the old and infirm, on hard-pressed and struggling families. The answer is to tax the rich, including those who seem to have paid little or no tax to date, scrap executive and banking bonuses, and close all the loopholes the rich have enjoyed for too long.”

His comments come as a new poll shows half of those asked think Labour should ditch Mr Miliband before the next General Election.

Around 49% think he should be replaced - including 43% of Labour supporters, Ipsos MORI researchers found.

That compares with 44% who think Nick Clegg should be dumped as Liberal Democrat leader and just 27% who think the Tories should get rid of David Cameron, according to poll results published in the Evening Standard.

The percentage of voters who think Mr Miliband is “ready to be Prime Minister” has gone down slightly rather than up in the past year - from 24% to 22%.


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