Dog’s ear cut on Morpeth grooming parlour visit

A dog owner from Blyth had to take her treasured pet to a vet for emergency treatment after it suffered a gash to its ear after a visit to a grooming parlour

Wendy Keenan from Blyth with her dog Lexie
Wendy Keenan from Blyth with her dog Lexie

A treasured dog suffered a gash to its ear after being seen at a North East grooming parlour.

Lexie, a Bernese mountain dog, was taken to Barkers in Morpeth, Northumberland, to be bathed and clipped for her doggy makeover.

But the seven-year-old was left with an injury when she was cut on the left ear and will now be left scarred.

Barkers have now apologised for the incident and insisted that the welfare of the animals they deal with is of the utmost importance.

Lexie’s shocked owners Wendy and Barry Keenan were so concerned about their beloved pet that they quickly took her to the nearest vet for emergency treatment after discovering the wound.

Mum-of-two Wendy, 44, of Blyth, Northumberland, said: “I know that dogs can get injured and these things do happen, I accept that.

“But I was shocked when I saw Lexie’s ear as you could see all the veins and her ear was covered in blood.

“Lexie is such a placid dog and she is just like another daughter to me. I love animals to pieces and I was so annoyed at what happened. When I got Lexie back she was shaking her head and ran to the van. It is so hurtful to think that she could have been in pain.”

Lexie was taken to Robson and Prescot’s Veterinary Centre in Morpeth where she had to have five staples to close the open wound.

The dog was also given a course of antibiotics to ensure that her ear did not become infected following the incident.

Lexie's ear after having five staples to close the open wound
Lexie's ear after having five staples to close the open wound

“When I went to pick Lexie up the staff said they had nicked my dog’s ear, but it was a lot worse than that,” explained Wendy.

Lexie had been dropped off at Barkers with the family’s other dog, Ollie, two, who was there to get a wash and blow dry.

But despite being at the premises for more than five hours, Ollie, also a Bernese mountain dog, was not done.

Barkers have insisted that a phone call was made to Wendy to explain that they did not have time to do Ollie due to the time taken with their other dog.

They have paid for Lexie’s vet bill, refunded the money for the cut and blow dry and reprimanded the dog groomer who caused the injury. Judith Ogley, who owns Barkers, said: “We are extremely sorry for the small nick made to the dog’s ear.

“It was only a minor cut and it did not cause any bleeding or suffering to the animal whatsoever.

“It was very difficult to trim the dog as its coat was extremely matted and we needed two dog groomers to clip it, which is unusual.

“It was very unfortunate that a small nick was made to the dog’s left ear and we apologise for that.

“We do not feel that any further treatment was needed and we have gone to extreme lengths to deal with the situation.

“We are devoted to all the animals that come to Barkers and have even helped to re-home over 10 dogs in the last six months.

“The health and safety of our clients’ animals are of the utmost importance.

“It was an unfortunate accident and, as we have already said, we apologise profusely for any upset caused.”


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