Blyth dog-walker knocked out in horror attack

A PENSIONER was left battered and bruised after a vicious dog attack.

Sheila Beattie with Mitzy the dog and Michelle Pink
Sheila Beattie with Mitzy the dog and Michelle Pink

A PENSIONER was left battered and bruised after a vicious dog attack.

Sheila Beattie was walking King Charles Spaniel Mitzy in Blyth, Northumberland, when they were set upon by an enormous American Bulldog.

The 67-year-old, of Humford Green, Blyth, had taken three-year-old Mitzy out for her normal walk.

“We were going past Asda when we passed an enormous dog being walked by a little girl,” she said.

“I had a funny feeling about it and asked her to keep a tight hold of her dog.

“We crossed the road, and the next thing I knew I was knocked over. I thought I had been hit by a bus.”

Sheila was sent sprawling to the ground and knocked unconscious. She woke to see the dog clamping its jaws around tiny Mitzy’s neck and mauling her.

“I was in shock,” said Sheila. “Mitzy struggled at first but then she went still. I thought she was dead. Everyone around was screaming.”

Fortunately, dog breeder and groomer Michelle Pink saw what happened.

Michelle, who has bred American Bulldogs in the past and now runs Second To None dog grooming, dashed to the rescue.

“I saw the dog run at Sheila. When it jumped its paws were up to her shoulders,” said Michelle, 27.

“It jumped all over her trying to get at the King Charles Spaniel, who was cradled underneath her.

“I was on my bike and I came over and ran at its head but it barely took any notice. That breed of dogs was bred to chase cattle, so they have a high tolerance for kicks and pain.”

Experienced with large dogs, Michelle climbed on top of the bulldog, pulling back its ears in an attempt to make it let go. Eventually, she managed to free Mitzy from its grasp.

“It looked like she was shocked so I thought I could revive her but we had to keep the dog away,” she said. “It wanted to have another go at her.

“I asked my friend to sit on the dog – he must be 15 stone but it could stand up under him unless he held it down.”

Eventually the bulldog’s owner arrived and took it away.

“He didn’t even say sorry,” added Michelle, who lives in Lynemouth.

Michelle – the former fiancee of Blyth soldier Michael Sweeney, killed in action last year – managed to revive Mitzy with chest rubs and mouth-to-mouth.

Now, Mitzy and Sheila are both back at home recovering from their injuries. Mitzy has bite marks to her neck and a torn ear, while Sheila has black eye, a twisted ankle, and bruises on her face, back, hands and legs.

Michelle also suffered bruises and a slight bite to her hand.

“I am very frightened about taking Mitzy out again,” said Sheila. “What if it had been a little child out walking their dog? Anything could have happened.”

A Northumbria Police spokesperson said: “At 1.55pm on Thursday, police were called to a report of a woman and a dog being attacked in Blyth. The woman received slight injuries and was left shaken. Inquiries are ongoing.”


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