Beautifully lazy

FORGET the paparazzi flash bulbs of the fame game, if there’s one part of our lives we could swap with A-listers, it would surely be their beauty entourages.

Lisa Haynes discovers lazy girls can be beautiful too.

FORGET the paparazzi flash bulbs of the fame game, if there’s one part of our lives we could swap with A-listers, it would surely be their beauty entourages.

Wherever celebrities like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Mariah Carey go, you can bet their team of hair stylists, make-up artists and facialists won’t be far behind.

But back to our reality... wobbly mascara applications on the bus, unruly hair scraped into a Croydon facelift and hairy legs covered up with opaques.

Fancy bucking up your beauty ideas?

In her new book, The Lazy Goddess, celebrity stylist Hannah Sandling reveals how to cut corners and still look gorgeous.


“I spent the best part of five years living and looking like a trog,” admits Hannah, saying she spent so much time styling celebrities that she neglected herself.

With speedy solutions collected from celeb friends and family, Hannah learnt some shortcuts to beauty.

“Most of the answers to your beauty problems are already lurking somewhere at the back of your fridge or kitchen cupboards, which means they’re quick and easy to solve,” she says. “Even better, they’re dirt cheap too.”

Here Hannah reveals how to become a gorgeous goddess the lazy way.


Tresses need some SOS? Try Hannah’s advice for a red carpet-ready glossy mane.

Mayonnaise is amazing for re-hydrating dry and damaged locks.

Simply massage into your hair, wrap your head in a plastic carrier bag, leave for 20 minutes and then wash as normal. Apply a light amount of conditioner afterwards, then rinse out.

Make sure you wash your brush and comb with hair shampoo every two weeks so you don’t pass on old grease to fresh locks.

If your hair has gone AWOL and you don’t have any serum, tame it down by smoothing a mini blob of hand cream over the surface instead.

Give your hair a real pampering session: rub a mixture of warm water, a touch of salt and two teaspoons of vinegar into it and leave for a couple of hours. Rinse with cold water to keep oiliness at bay.


Beauty routine need a lift? Hannah reveals how to get “lovely luscious lips and a killer stare”.

Get plumped-up and fuller lips by using two different shades of lipstick. Apply the darker one in the corners and the lighter one to the more fleshy part in the middle of your lips.

To get the perfect eyebrow arch, spray a little hairspray onto your fingers and quickly apply to your eyebrows. Brush them into shape using a dry toothbrush and leave them to set.

To create smoky eyes, pop your eye pencil under the hot water tap or onto a light bulb for a few seconds before you apply it. You’ll notice how much thicker and minxier it goes on.

Baby oil works a treat as a cheap and gentle eye make-up remover.


To make your skin cuddly and soft, put three tablespoons of powdered milk into your hot bath. This helps to get rid of dead skin cells.

Before you go down the plastic surgery route to get your boobs enlarged, try shading in a pair. All you have to do swish some bronzer down your chest where you would normally see a cleavage shadow.

To make your legs look thinner and longer, rub a little shimmer cream down the centre of your calves and shins.

Get rid of bloating by eating water- melon.


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