Back-to-back babies prove a real handful

Becoming a parent for the first time offers one of life’s great challenges – but having two babies in quick succession is a whole new ball game.

LILY Allen has done it. Peaches Geldof is doing it. Does that make me feel any more relaxed about the prospect of having two babies under two? Does it Nelly.

It’s safe to say that, since finding out I was pregnant with baby number two, my husband and I have been in a kind of denial about the challenges which lie ahead.

We’ve tried our best to not think about the sleepless nights, the teething and the weaning – which will, of course all come in addition to any toddler troubles we’re already dealing with – and concentrate on the lovely things that will hopefully go hand in hand with having two children close together.

To say I was shocked at finding out we were expecting for a second time is an understatement – after taking the test I almost fell off the toilet.

But although we’ve found first-time parenting hard at times – and that’s putting it mildly – we are hoping things will work out for the best and George, our funny, cheeky 22-month-old, will get on famously with his new brother or sister (when he’s not trying to sneakily “feed” it raisins).

Our next bundle is due in six weeks time, meaning George will be almost two.

As I’m about to step into an unknown realm of motherhood, I thought it might be a good – and calming – idea to talk to a couple of mums who’ve been there, done it (with a smaller age gap than we’re going to enjoy, too) and are wearing what I would imagine will be a baby sick or puree-soaked T-shirt.


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