Mum takes a picture of her daughter every day for a year for online journal

Mary Postig of Allendale took a picture a day for a year of her third daughter Arwen to document the first months of her life

Mary Potsig who has taken a photograph of her daughter Arwen for 365 consecutive days
Mary Potsig who has taken a photograph of her daughter Arwen for 365 consecutive days

Snapping every move babies make can be commonplace for many new parents - but Mary Potsig really went the extra mile.

The mother-of-three was so determined not to miss out on the early years of her third child’s life that she took on the challenge of taking a picture a day for a year of her youngest daughter, Arwen.

Now Mary has a collection of 365 pictures of her daughter, taken from when she was four months right up to 16 months, sharing them on her online photo journal.

“When you have a third child sometimes they can be forgotten about, they do not get the same amount of attention as the first or second,” said 43-year-old Mary.

“My husband is a photographer so I joined Blipfoto with him and this is my second online journal.


“I started it a year ago just after Arwen was born. It was quite hard sometimes to get a picture of her every day because I would be working or something so I would just have to grab a picture quickly when I saw her,” said Mary, who works as an advisory inclusion teacher of children with autism.

“When we were out and about I tried to record what we were doing that day, some of her firsts are on there, first steps and first time in a pool,” she added.

But Mary, who lives in Allendale in Northumberland with husband Colin and their three children Grace, six, Ophelia, four, and Arwen, said taking a picture a day was more of a challenge than many would think.

She said: “I did not intend to do it every single day in the beginning, I just thought it would be nice to have a record of her growing. I started when she was four months because I thought I just wasn’t getting enough memories of her.”

And little Arwen even started getting in on the action, taking a few shots of herself.

“She didn’t seem to mind me taking the pictures, in fact she’s taken a few ‘selfies’ herself,” said Mary. “She loves playing on the iPad and so she has been getting in on the action.

“I think the kids are so used to me taking pictures now they ask if it’s going on my blip. But I am just an amateur, most are just taken on my phone. It’s been a great thing to do and it’s lovely looking back on it.

“Life gets busy and just stopping to take a picture you capture things you would normally miss. Children grow up so quickly,” she added.


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