North East Election results live: Who's in, who's out and how the local elections shaped up

Live updates as General Election 2015 results and local election results are counted and declared in Newcastle, Gateshead, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, Sunderland, Northumberland and Durham

Good morning! If you missed the General Election results night, here's where you can catch up on what's happened.

We've been live blogging throughout the night bringing you updates as results happened and reaction from the candidates across the North East with Live Blog Editor Dan Milligan.

He's brought you live news, pictures and updates from polling stations and counts across the North East, as well as analysis from our political writers. And of course, most importantly, we've had all the North East parliamentary and local elections results live here as they are declared.

On Friday morning at this link we'll bring you a full breakdown of the North East election and local results, reaction and aftermath.

All the North East general election results are in one place, updated as results are declared in each constituency.

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Daniel Milligan
Sunderland Central result

The second result of the evening is in.


Julie Elliott (Lab) 20,959

Jeffrey Townsend (C) 9,780

Bryan Foster (UKIP) 7,997

Rachel Featherstone (Green) 1,706

Adrian Page (LD) 1,105

Joseph Young (ND) 215

Lab majority 11,179

Rachel Wearmouth
Reaction from Sunderland Central

Julie Elliott is an MP again in Sunderland Central. If you are a firefighter in the area, you will be happy about it, too. She campaigned hard to keep the Sunderland city centre fire station open when it was threatened by cuts. She pointed out in her speech that she has been a “campaigning MP” - no doubt a reference to that.

This could be a snapshot of the Conservative vote. If it was going to collapse anywhere, it would be in Sunderland Central, that is not the case. Tories are still second on 9,780 and UKIP are on 7,997. Nigel Farage’s party would have expected to do better than the Tories in Wearside. /

Daniel Milligan
Washington & Sunderland West

Third result of the evening in.


Sharon Hodgson (Lab) 20,478

Aileen Casey (UKIP) 7,321

Bob Dhillon (C) 7,033

Anthony Murphy (Green) 1,091

Dominic Haney (LD) 993

Gary Duncan (TUSC) 341

Lab majority 13,157

Daniel Milligan
Speedy work in Sunderland

It's no wonder Houghton & Sunderland South are quickest in the country. They have cross-country runners bringing in the ballot boxes


Daniel Milligan
Labour dismiss exit poll

Labour are insisting they don’t believe the findings of the TV exit poll which shows the Tories well ahead.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire Labour leader Ed Miliband

A Labour source said: We are sceptical of the BBC poll. It looks wrong to us.

Daniel Milligan
Good evening and welcome

Hello and welcome to the Chronicle's live election coverage with me Daniel Milligan.

I'm equipped with copious amounts of coffee and Red Bull (I'm sure there are other alternative energy drinks available) to bring you updates throughout the evening and tomorrow morning until 6.30am Friday.

Thousands of people headed to the polls across the North East today - you can relive all the action on our Thursday daytime blog here.

We're expecting the first results through at around 11pm from Sunderland, midnight from Newcastle and 1am onwards from County Durham.

Local election results from around 100 wards across the North East are also up for grabs and those results will be coming in until around 4-5am.

So stay with us as the General Election 2015 results gets under way!

Daniel Milligan
Lib Dems last minute plea

The Liberal Democrats in Newcastle have just emailed their supporters urging any of them who havn't yet voted to rush down to their polling stations and back their candidates.

So hurried does the email seem that it doesn't entirely make sense.

"Time is now short to vote in the elections for Newcastle City Council (the white voting paper) and in what may be the closest General Election in a century (the Parliamentary vote is on the coloured paper)," the email from Newcastle Lib Dems said.

"If you haven't already done so, we are emailing to urge you to vote. In less than 60 minutes the polling stations will close and it will then be too late to have your say.

"And if you have a postal vote which you forgot to send back, you can still deliver it to your local polling station and it will count.

"If you've already voted, thank you for taking part!

"Your Liberal Democrat candidates for all 26 wards on Newcastle City Council.

"Plus Anita Lower for Newcastle North, Nick Cott for Newcastle Central and Wendy Taylor for Newcastle East."

Will it make a difference? We'll find out in a few hours.

Daniel Milligan

When you've got a long night ahead of you, it's important to start well - unlike reporter Keiran Southern who has just turned up at the wrong place trying to find Houghton le Spring counting station.

Daniel Milligan
What happens if no-one wins?

Here’s a handy video (from the Press Assocation) explaining what actually happens if it turns out nobody has won a convincing victory.


Daniel Milligan
15 minutes left to vote!

Not long until 10pm now. Anybody at the back of a long queue at a polling station don’t despair.

New rules after the debacle at the last general election when 1,200 voters, including a number at Newcastle, weren’t able to vote mean if you are in a queue before the 10pm deadline you will be allowed to vote even if it means doing so after 10pm.

Them’s the rules so if any official tells you otherwise, tell them they’re wrong.

Daniel Milligan
Poised and ready in Newcastle

Counters are poised are ready waiting for ballot papers to arrive for Newcastle seats at Sports Central.

Waiting for votes to be counted for Newcastle seats at Sports Central

Daniel Milligan
Live from Houghton-le-Spring

Reporter Keiran Southern has finally arrived at the counting station in Houghton-le-Spring which is expected to be the first station across the country to deliver its result.

Daniel Milligan
Where are some of the party leaders standing?

Some interesting seats outside the North East include Sheffield Hallam, with the result expected at 4.30am - this is Nick Clegg’s seat, but Labour hope to take it off him - and South Thanet at 6am, where UKIP leader Nigel Farage is standing.  

Daniel Milligan
County Durham latest

Reporter Will Metcalfe is in Spennymoor counting station. He says they're all prepared. Ballot papers to arrive shortly.

Daniel Milligan
Usain Bolt needed

If you're still planning to vote and you live around the corner from your polling station, you'll need to run like Usain Bolt.

You've got one minute to have your say!

Daniel Milligan
From Chronicle Towers


OK, here in the office we are deciding which TV coverage to go with.

I’m torn but it’s not election night without David Dimbleby, really. Anyway, in terms of the seats that could change hands here in the North East. Stockton South, Redcar and Berwick-upon-Tweed are the ones to watch.

My prediction is that Berwick will turn blue while Stockton and Redcar will turn red.

It’s probably worth pointing out that Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland was 20th on the Conservatives’ target seats list, but few are expecting the Tories can take the seat from Labour’s Tom Blenkinsop

Daniel Milligan
Exit poll announced

Exit polls show the Conservatives are the largest party on 316 seats - up 9 from the last election.

Labour on 239, Lib Dem, 10, UKIP 2, SNP 58

Daniel Milligan
Exit poll round-up

A reminder of the exit poll seat prediction - we'll see whether this comes to fruition in the coming hours.

Exit poll prediction

Daniel Milligan
Reporter reaction to exit poll

OK, so the exit poll says the Conservatives will be the largest party. This is a poll which is usually accurate so it does not look good for Ed Miliband and his troops Conservatives .

This poll puts the Tories just shy of the 326 needed for an overall majority.

Daniel Milligan
Votes being counted

The speedy counters at the station in Houghton-le-Spring are already well underway, reporter Keiran Southern says.


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