Plans to bring disused Amble paddling pool to life

PLANS to bring a once-popular paddling pool back to life have been discussed.

PLANS to bring a once-popular paddling pool back to life have been discussed.

The paddling pool in Amble is currently disused and has been branded a disgrace by councillors.

If the facility is renovated it is hoped it would act as another attraction in the town which holiday- makers and day-trippers with youngsters could enjoy.

The call to improve the under-valued facility has been made by Councillor Valda Nicholson.

Addressing a meeting of Amble Town Council she said that the paddling pool was currently a ‘disgrace.’

She said: “I am concerned about the mess at the paddling pool.

“There is broken glass and the rubber is getting more and more ripped.

“I suggest that the rubber gets removed and the original surface gets cleaned up and re-painted.”

Coun Nicholson said that a paddling pool at nearby Spittal could provide inspiration for any possible revamp.

She added: “At Spittal, there is an empty paddling pool. It is painted blue and has seaside pictures painted on.

“It looked quite attractive as empty paddling pools go. I think ours is a disgrace to look at.”

The proposal was backed by Coun Robert Arckless who said the idea has some merit and should be seriously considered as an option.

Chairman Coun Leslie Bilboe argued that approaches should be made to the county council to get the work carried out.

He said: “Anything we can do to improve the site is going to be a good thing. We have to do something more positive.

“We should float the idea down to County Hall and try to motivate them to do something.”

However other suggestions were made that the revamp could be carried out by the community including members of the Pride of Amble scheme.


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