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People who moan about the younger generation haven’t met Vicki Ayres, a 21-year-old with a busy life, including a seven-day working week!

People who moan about the younger generation haven’t met Vicki Ayres, a 21-year-old with a busy life, including a seven-day working week!

I LIKE to keep busy, but sometimes I feel my feet never touch the ground. I am in my final year at university, model part-time and have a job as a sales negotiator with an estate agent.

I’ve always been concerned to earn my keep and working at Sarah Mains Residential in Low Fell has allowed me the flexibility to attend lectures and tutorials when I need to, plus I can fit in modelling, which I love.


MOST people’s week starts with a Monday, but I organise my week from Saturday to Friday as it fits better with my commitments. For the next three days, I have my sales negotiator hat on as part of the Sarah Mains team.

Saturdays are busy in the Low Fell branch and the day passes in a blur organising viewings. Despite rumours that the market is quiet, I also receive a number of offers, which I pass on to our dedicated offers team, who will now see the sale through every stage to final completion. Most work on a Saturday is face to face and that is one of my favourite parts of this role. I just love the hustle and bustle.

As I work on a Sunday, Saturday night is usually a quiet meal out with my boyfriend Jeff. Tonight we go to a local restaurant in my home town, Whickham.


WORKING Sundays is one of the reasons I was keen to get a job at Sarah Mains. Keen to work more hours, my previous job at the bank restricted this, so when I heard that Sarah Mains was open seven days a week I applied.

More than a year on and Sunday is still the best day of the working week. Everyone is much more relaxed, the hours are shorter and the day can be more organised.

I spend a lot of Sunday organising valuations for the following week and following up on viewings from the Saturday. Often we will nip for a drink on the way home, where my mum has a Sunday dinner waiting for me.


MY last day of the week as a negotiator, Monday starts with a large team meeting.

As well as assessing the anticipated work for the week ahead, we brainstorm any issues on hard-to-sell properties and do a full handover to staff who have had the weekend off. For continuity to clients, this meeting is pivotal.

The phones tend to be busy on a Monday as most people are calling us from work. The afternoon passes in a blur and I head home to get ready for a night out with my university friends – Monday is a fantastic clubbing night for students in Newcastle.


FOR the rest of week, I am officially a student.

Tuesday mornings are a whirl of lectures at Northumbria University. I am studying for a BA Hons in Business with Human Resources Management, so my days working at Sarah Mains are great for getting the practical experience that complements my learning.

At present, Tuesday afternoons are dedicated to my dissertation. The out-of-lecture workload is huge at this stage of the final year and I am working hard to make sure I get a good grade!


THIS is unofficially my one day off of the week – however, I am keen to follow a modelling career, so I often spend Wednesdays working towards that.

I recently had success appearing in a feature in the Evening Chronicle and have sent out my details to a number of agencies. If any opportunities to model do come in, Wednesdays are the perfect day! If I am lucky I may even get to the gym in the afternoon, and, of course, my dissertation gets a bit more attention.


BACK into university. Today is a full day at uni, and alongside meeting with my lecturers, I have seminars and lectures all day.

The focus of my course at the moment is very much on finance and marketing, along with human resources, and I enjoy these subjects so the day flies by.

Tonight a group of us head out to the cinema, then for a few drinks. The best thing about working while being a student is that I can still afford a nice lifestyle while I work towards building a well paid career – the best of both worlds!


LAST night was a great night, so thank goodness I am only in university for a half day today. The morning is filled with a marketing study group and lecture, then I indulge in a bit of retail therapy. I don’t get much time to browse the shops, so really enjoy it.

This afternoon I must dedicate a few hours to my dissertation again and tonight will be a quiet one, as I start my three days of sales negotiating tomorrow again – where does the week go?

Vicki Ayres is a sales negotiator at Sarah Mains Residential on Beaconsfield Road in Low Fell. More details of services at Sarah Mains go to


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