Linton becomes fantasy world for film project

A NORTHUMBERLAND village will be transformed into a fantasy world this weekend as part of a new film project.

A NORTHUMBERLAND village will be transformed into a fantasy world this weekend as part of a new film project.

Villagers in Linton, near Ashington, will don capes, tunics and armour as they get a starring role in the production.

And it is hoped the finished film will prove you don’t need a Hollywood budget to put together a movie.

The project, called Mirrorvael, is the brainchild of writers Amy Telford, from Ashington, and Nick Convery, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea.

Tired of waiting for producers to pick up their fantasy drama script, the duo, who studied media together at college, decided to film it for themselves.

With nothing more than a hand-held camcorder and a few friends, they have recruited a top cast of local actors, as well as a wardrobe of period costumes and a full kit of camera equipment.

Filming has been underway for two weeks at locations including Plessey Woods, near Bedlington, the Castle Keep and Jesmond Dene, Newcastle, and Cresswell beach, Northumberland.

“It started out as a simple idea of a drama about people who travelled through mirrors” said Amy, 24, a teaching assistant.

“We wanted to prove that good-quality drama could be filmed in a short time, here in the North East, without the Hollywood budget – but we never imagined it would turn into something as big as this.”

Actors were recruited by Dennis Bear, at NE8 Castings, while the Heaton Live Action Role Play group donated medieval clothing inspired by the Dark Ages, and the House of Objects provided material for costumes. Newbiggin Arts Forum offered props and help with sets, and Mark Fowler, from Newcastle College, was recruited as director of photography.

Amy and Nick, a 24-year-old media technician, hope to eventually make six episodes of Mirrorvael. The drama, which will be broadcast online as a webseries, is set in mystical world of The Vael. It is ruled over by Queen Elmira and the monks of the Last Order of the Echo, who can travel through mirrors.

But the peace of the land is threatened by the evil Silence, after Elmira disobeys the Order. The team hope the half-hour pilot episode will win Mirrorvael a cult following, and this weekend are going on location in Linton, Northumberland, to capture their final shots.

Dozens of extras from the village have been recruited for the scenes, which show the celebrations at the end of one of the wars with the Silence. “It will be a challenge because there are so many people involved but it is very exciting,” said Amy. “Everyone has been really enthusiastic and we’ve had a great response. We are still keen to get more people involved – as long as they come along in a medieval-style costume.” For more information about the project, or to get involved, visit


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