Alnwick dentist helps out stork at Kielder

A DENTIST has come to the rescue of his most unusual patient.

A DENTIST has come to the rescue of his most unusual patient.

Mandy the marabou stork arrived two years ago at Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre, in Northumberland, with part of her lower beak missing.

Over time it has worn away further, meaning she has been unable to pick up food.

That all changed when Cath Debbage, who volunteers at the centre, asked her dentist Andrew Buddle, of Alnwick Dental Practice, if there was anything he could do to help.

Now, thanks to Andrew and his technician Frank Imeson, Mandy has been fitted with a specially-made acrylic beak and for the first time she has been able to pick up food.

It is believed that it is the first time this type of procedure has been done.

Andrew, who has been practising for 20 years, said: “Cath came to me for a normal check-up and said ‘have you ever had to repair a bird’s beak’ I said no and she asked if I would like to.

“I was interested and went and had a look myself and our technician managed to figure out a way of doing it. From what I can tell there is no other precedent to this.”


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