Week Three: Fit Factor contestants shaping up nicely as they begin to feel the burn

Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb gives his verdict on this week's efforts by out contestants

Trainer David Fairlamb in his gym at North Shields
Trainer David Fairlamb in his gym at North Shields

In this week’s diary, Fit Factor trainer David Fairlamb reflects on the fantastic first weigh in of the six contestants and tells how they cemented their success with a hard week of training.

Thursday, April 2

After losing 74lbs collectively in the first two weeks, I saw a new found confidence and self belief in the six tonight.

I set a tough circuit which they had to work together in order to complete. They attacked it from minute one working out of heir comfort zones on each station before the next person took over.

This was a real feel good session, they all knew what they had to achieve and the quicker they completed it the earlier they finished. Training this way, I feel is psychologically better, as you don’t realise how much you are doing.

They all worked extremely well and were totally shocked when I informed they how much they had completed as a group.

I will return to this session in weeks to come....

Saturday April 4 - Tynemouth Beach Bootcamp

The tide was right out, the sand was perfectly flat, the wind was non existent and it was pretty warm - this meant conditions for Beach Bootcamp were perfect.

As usual the finalists were down early talking through how they were and how they had recovered from Thursday’s session.

Another huge turnout at my Bootcamp meant the atmosphere was fantastic which always helps motivate everyone.

The sessions are structured so all can work as hard or easy as they feel, the six are now beginning to understand their bodies and how hard they can push. Just going through the motions isn’t good enough, I expect more and today I got it.

It’s much easier for me to push them in the gym environment when its only us, but on a Saturday it’s down to them.

They were amazing today, huge effort and concentration from all meant they never stopped throughout. They completed every exercise with good technique and posture including the Longsand’s ramp twice, running it at least once.

They are beginning to realise they can push their bodies way more than they ever thought....I was very proud of them all today.

Bank Holiday - Monday April 6

Easter was going to be a challenge for the six as the obvious temptation of chocolate had to be avoided at all cost. They all managed without any problems and admitted this was the first chocolate free Easter that they could remember. This proves that once you are in a routine and set your mind on a goal, focus becomes much easier.

I was unable to train the six tonight so my colleague Mark Fleming took the session. Its good for my other trainers to be involved and be part of the Fit Factor progress. He was highly impressed with their full commitment and determination and was full of praise for another full on hour workout.

Tonight was another milestone for the six with two sessions completed over the Easter weekend and not one piece of chocolate consumed...


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